Your Questions About Baby Care

Paul asks…

Where can I find coupons or free baby stuff?

times are tough and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find a site that had printable coupons, and or free samples for baby stuff.. thnx!

The Expert answers:

Coupons are available here

Also check this out:

Chris asks…

Is it okay to sign people up for free baby stuff?

My sister in law is pregnant and I am signing her up for free baby stuff, is this wrong? or

The Expert answers:

No way man take what she can get everything is help ful free or not, unless ofcourse she has money (you know what i mean) which means she can go and buy stuff but if shes like working and trying to get through but bills and stuff take it all away then go for it i hope you understand what im saying

Donald asks…

Where can i sign up to get sent some free baby stuff?

My mom said there are websites I can sign up at and get free baby stuff, do you know of any?

The Expert answers: is the best one

David asks…

Anybody know of any free baby stuff websites?

I’ve heard of a few sites that give out free baby stuff such as samples of all different kinds of baby products and so forth. Anybody know of any good websites like that?

The Expert answers:

The nestle website will send you a back pack diaper bag, filled with formula sample, change pad, coupons and things. I am breastfeeding but I still signed up for one! Why not, free stuff is great!

Mandy asks…

Is there any free baby stuff avaliable for australians?

I’m a young mother of two living in a small country town and living on a very small budget, i’ve just found out i’m pregnant with my third and have had no luck finding help locally, so i have been looking on the web trying to find free samples of baby products (nappies, formula, etc) and give away baby stuff to help ease my situation.

The Expert answers:

Im pretty sure and has samples, and also they give you a lot of coupons if you register with them… Also try ebay for coupons and samples for baby stuff.. People give them away for a penny. Im not sure you would be ble to get everything living in australia, but its worth a try… Is there no public assistance in australia?

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