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Helen asks…

how many crib bedding sets do i need to buy for my baby?

i’m looking at this ladybug theme for my baby‘s crib. it comes with bedding set, mobile, and etc…they look pretty since they all match. but if I change the beddings…the mobile will not match anymore…sounds crazy if I buy mobile to match every beddings…what do you guys think?

The Expert answers:

Honestly i dont even have bedding for my sons crib i just have a sheet to cover the mattress, but i dont think its a big deal if the mobile dosent match the other bed sets.

Paul asks…

Where can i find cheaper baby items like crib bedding sets?

what store has cheaper and cute baby stuff.. like the crib bedding set, lamps, clothe etc…

it can be a store
or an online website..where can i get it for cheaper?

The Expert answers:,, I also found that buying the “sets” is CRAZY expensive. I was given a whole bunch of crib blankets when I had my son… I found the best way to go is to buy the sheets separately. I found a bumper/sheet set for $16 dollars at Walmart. Then you buy an extra sheet or two and 2 mattress covers (so you can change the crib right after and incidents). I know it’s kind of a pain to piece everything together but it sure beats paying $150 for 1 blanket, 1 bumper, 1sheet, and some ruffle? Also try looking at 2nd hand places.

Daniel asks…

do u use the comforter that u get in the crib sets for ur baby?

do you use the comforter that comes with the crib set? i put mine on the wall, what do u use or used yours for?

The Expert answers:

I put hers on the wall too, I use smaller thinner blankets that are easier to wrap around her.

Sharon asks…

Where can I find colorful organic cotton baby bedding sets?

I really want to use organic materials around our baby, but I’m a huge fan of bold colors. The two don’t seem to mix. Has anyone found a place to buy a crib bedding set (sheets, bumpers, etc.) that have bold colors?

The Expert answers:

I used to shop bedding for my children from character comforts site. They have many good bedding and i think you can also find bedding of your choice from their site.

Donna asks…

Baby shopping… crib & bedding sets online?


Can any one help me find a reasonable baby crib & bedding sets online?

We are not financially stable but I want all the great things for my baby 🙂

Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks 🙂 does not have cribs :@
I do not want to purchase used items. is not delivering to Canada :@ does not deliver to Canada either 🙁

The Expert answers:

Try ebay and select the brand new box!

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