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Linda asks…

What is my baby’s shoe size?

I’m doing some online shopping for my son. He is 9 months old and he is between size 2-3 (UK). Now on a particular website the size is given as C3, C4, C5, C6 etc. What is their UK equivalent? Thanks!

The Expert answers:

I think size C3

Mandy asks…

I’m mixed race with naturally curly hair what cheap hair products can I use? (I’m in the UK)?

I’m half black half white with long curly hair which needs to be kept moist. But a lot of the stuff in afro hair shops is a bit expensive as money is tight for me at the moment. Some greases are too heavy, so i need something oily but not too heavy if you know what I mean. Like a serum. I considered using baby oil but some people online are saying it is bad for any hair type. Maybe something natural would be good? What do you think?

The Expert answers:

There are a lot of good products out there. You should try products from a brand called Mixed Chicks or Giovanni Cosmetics. Giovanni Cosmetics are organic as well. I’ve used both brands and they are great and not too expensive either. Both left my hair feeling very soft and more manageable. I got mine from (they are based in the UK)

Don’t use baby oil! Not good. If you’re looking for an oil you can try Gleau Hair Oil. (Also available from the same site)

Hope this helps!

Lizzie asks…

Is this food fine for a baby yellow belly turtle?

I plan on using that food and also giving it some prawns/shrimp, and some mealworm what I saw in some shop online.
Oh yeh how many peices of shrimp, mealworm and pellets should I feed in one day?
What should I feed for calcium then?
What should I feed for calcium then?

The Expert answers:

Yes plus they need calcium for their shell to stay healthy.that’s what one pet shop said about my Red ear Slider turtle.

Mary asks…

What can i wear to a funeral?

Ok, so… a VERY close friend passed away last week & naturally myself & partner will be attending his funeral to say goodbye & give him a good send off! His family have requested that all people attending the funeral and wake to please wear a ‘colourful dress code’

My partner is wearing a suit trousers & waistcoat with a brightly coloured shirt & tie.

I guess i’m basically asking what would be appropriate to wear that would also be suitable for my body size too! I’m a size 14 and i need something that will cover my post baby belly also!
Ideally i need online shopping websites that deliver to the UK in the next week as the funeral is next friday!

Can anybody help please?

The Expert answers:

Try ASOS. I would choose a dress in the same colour as the brightly coloured shirt and tie your prtner is wearing, or something in your friend’s favourite colour.

Donald asks…

where can you buy teenager babygrows from?

i live in the UK and i really want a baby grow! lol i need age 11,12 or 13 it can be shops or online please help thankyou!xxx

The Expert answers:

Primark i think:).. I want one too haha!

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