Your Questions About Baby Care

John asks…

Why is pizza so damn expensive and complicated?

The Expert answers:

Its not that hard call say I want a small pepornie pizza , when will it be ready duh done

Mandy asks…

Why has language deteriorated to such an extent that now mainstream sources sources have stories with LOLs and?

The Expert answers:

It’s the sodas that we drink. THAT’S IT!

Joseph asks…

Are you hard on yourself and do you ever compare yourself to others?

The Expert answers:

I used to be. I used to stare at myself in the mirror and call myself nasty things because I was so disgusted with who I was, disgusted with how much time I wasted trying to please others by trying to be a person other than who I was. But then the person I least expected to make an impact on me…well, made an impact on me. And I am truly grateful to that person, I owe him/her everything; thanks to him/her, I can walk outside of my house everyday, be in public, knowing that I am free to be who I am, and not worry about what others have/act/say/think/do/eat/have sex/masturbate/etc LOL…
And thanks to that person, I now know how unique I am, and how much of a purpose I have in this world, being the way I am.
So for all you insecure people out there, stop beating down on yourself. You are special. You are one of kind. You are an important part of this world’s biosphere.
No matter what wrongdoings you’ve done, you can always change. There’s always room for it. You just have to find it within yourself, if you REALLY want it. But if you continue to be negative, continue to think you are not capable, you are not worthy, you’ll never move forward.

Steven asks…

How bad does it have to get for people actually care and not think I’m being a selfish brat?

The Expert answers:

No one would think you’re selfish. It’s good to tell people how you feel. I know how you’re feeling, no one really took me seriously until I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety. You could try talking to your school counselor, or a best friend..? Hell, if you want to email me and talk about it, feel free to.
Let your anger out in a healthy way. Exercise or talk to a friend.

Linda asks…

Is there any website where I can learn and study the teachings and quotes of Socrates?

The Expert answers:

“Socrates taught people that self-understanding was the way to happiness, so he was more of a guide than a teacher.”
(Under the “The Socratic Method” paragraph)

Generally you can find millions… Like these:

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