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Donna asks…

I met a pregnant woman who hated her unborn baby. Should I call the cops?

I’m a cashier at a grocery store. The other day, a very pregnant woman came in my line to check out. I started ringing her stuff, and noticed she had a 40 pound cat litter container in her cart. I said, “I’ll get that for you!”
She said, “Nah, it’s okay, I got it.” She then proceeded to pick up the cat litter and place it on the conveyor belt. I was shocked because she’s not supposed to lift heavy things.

I scanned it, and went to put it back in the cart for her, but once again, she grabbed the heavy litter and put it back herself.

I was upset because this means she doesnt care about her unborn baby and it will get abused.

If you’re pregnant and do heavy lifting, the baby can pop out and die.

The Expert answers:

Your information is incorrect. A woman can lift a 40 pound bag of litter if she is pregnant. Would you ask the same of a pregnant woman holding a 3 or 4 year old on her hip?

Ruth asks…

Tips for caring for baby and toddler?

I can barely even go to the store without help. What are your tips for taking a toddler and baby places? I have a 6 week old and a 19 month old. Letting my toddler walk is not an option becasue he would run around.

Are you supposed to leave the toddler in the car while you bring the baby up to the apartment or vise-versa(sp?)?

How do you buy groceries if the baby is in a car seat in the cart and the toddler is in the front seat? (no room for groceries)
I can see my car the whole time I go up the stairs to my apartment and if I leave the door open. Of course I leave the car on so it doesn’t get hot.

The Expert answers:

Sometimes there are no answers. You CAN’T leave the kiddos in the car! You just gotta be super mom! Good luck!

Mandy asks…

My sister found a baby bunny?

My sister and her son nathan were riding around in the back feild at my house on a golf cart and she saw my cat carrying a baby bunny in her mouth. She made the cat spit it out and the bunny was completely unharmed but she didnt want to just leave it there so she braught it home. The bunny is big enough to hop around and its eyes are open. Its slightly bigger than a hampster. We feed it baby formula through a washed out baby tylenol container. and the baby ate most of it however we didnt want to over feed it. I know it is to little to be on its own because it has a white spot on its head. I want to take care of it however i realize we will probably have to keep it as a family pet because it will be to tamed to be realeased when its older. Either that or it will begin to act wile and reject us and we will let it go. How ever im not exsactly sure how to take care of it. I want to do the best i cant so it has the best chance of surviving.

The Expert answers:

Hi Amber… Please contact your local wildlife rehabilitator. Any veterinary clinic can give you this number.

Wild animals generally do not fair well in captivity without a someone who has a tremendous amount of experience handling the species. Additionally, it is considered illegal to keep wildlife as pets. The rehabilitator will nurse the bunny to health an re-release it back into the wild “if” they believe it can survive on it’s own. Otherwise they will keep the bunny at their sanctuary.

Here’s more about helping wildlife bunnies:

William asks…

Can artificial intelligence rule the human Beings?

Now a days robots have been manufactured to do some works like household works or some operations in an industry. latest robots can drive a bullock cart and camel; they can also take care of a new born baby.. All these functionings of robots is done because of artificial intelligence fed in them in form of software. So can this development/advances in artificial intelligence bring a possibility on future that robots will rule human beings?? Back up with logical reasons..

The Expert answers:

We have expected responses in the site which is also comfortable to hear..

It is only logical that we can predict the future with ref to the current state / stage of our know how.. Though the human track record of past achievements have not always been on logical expectations..!!

Would anyone have expected that humans can fly like birds in sky.. Until such feat was tried and made possible few centuries ago.?

Would any of us have thought it possible to manipulate the form and function of life forms by what we now call the genetic engineering.. Even a few decades ago..?!!

Yes, the machines would not be able to take control of themselves and decide like humans or even lesser life forms.. As per the knowledge and logic now available to us.. As rightly opined by many respondents here..

But just like the emerging nano tetchy that appears to hold marvelous possibilities of enhancing the operation of gadgets efficiently, swiftly and cheaply (with least energy).. Or the stem cell Tech in meds that hold out possibility of even reviving the dead nerves, future may open scope of inducting limited thought process – totally different from human brain anyway – into robots..!!

I know that this is a very uncomfortable suggestion and overtly contrary to logic based on our contemporary knowledge and experience in science.. Yet I would not venture to dismiss such a possibility (though apparently improbable in present context) in the years to come..!!

Charles asks…

I’m a teen momma (20 characters) and baby daddy shows up all of the sudden after 7 1/2 months?!?!?!?

Well yesterday i posted a ? about the baby daddy and how he wouldnt come see his baby. So i was grocery shopping yesterday for kaylie (my daughter) and I, and i saw him in there but i ignored him and then he came up to us and was like “olivia! sorry i havent been around for either of you Ive been busy with school and everything. Hows our baby?” So i replied “good. She was really fussy yesterday but shes okay today.” then he said “wow shes so cute!” and then he leaned in and kissed me, then he got Kaylie out of the cart he then asked “can kaylie stay at my house tonight? my family would love to see how big shes gotten!” i replied ” i dont know i will call you.” Im really kind of mad that just came up and all of the sudden decided that hes going to be in kaylies life. What do i do? im not sure i want kaylie over there right away because he didnt ever seem to care…. And i know he said he was busy with school and everything, but i had her in July and i know he wasnt taking any extra summer classes or anything. Should I let Kaylie go over there? What do i do about him? he called later and said he would like to get back together, but i dont really want to. But i think the both of us together might be best for Kaylie…. So then do i get back together with him? PLEASE HELP!!!! im 16 and im freaking out i dont know what im going to do!!!!

The Expert answers:

I wouldn’t let her stay at his house.
That’s unstable and he sounds sketchy.
If he decides he wants to be in her life now, start out slow, and don’t get back together with him, at least not right away. By leaving he broke your trust, and he needs to earn it back. It’s only better for your daughter for her parent’s to be together if they have a healthy relationship. It doesn’t teach her anything good if her parents are fighting and can’t trust each other.

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