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David asks…

there is a shop in the UK I think it is called like mother and co. or something what is it called?

It sells the brand “kylie” it sells from baby (girls) to women. Please help I really need the name, and also does it have an online catalogue?


The Expert answers:

Do you mean Mothercare?

Mark asks…

WANTED On-line baby stores in NZ?

I really need some good stores where I can buy a pressie online for my friend in auckland and get it delivered by next weekend. Please help. I’m shopping from UK. Thanks.

The Expert answers:


Laura asks…

I am meeting with a retail chain who want to sell my paintings in shops and online…anything I need to know?

They have 20 baby stores over the UK and my illustrations are for nurseries. I am just starting out and know very little of retail. I guess they will print them and sell them and I’ll get the royalties but I could be wrong. I wont sign anything obviously but dont want then to take advantage…a little bit of an income would be great even if very little…not sure what percentage to take etc. Any info would be FAB! xxx

The Expert answers:

Get a lawyer. Don’t sign anything until you consult your lawyer. Educate yourself about this industry. Know what you are getting into and what you should rightfully expect to get out of it.

Ken asks…

Robert asks…

Do you know any good shops to buy unisex baby clothes from?

In the UK – highstreet or online.

The Expert answers:

I live in the Uk and had my baby 4 months ago, for the first 25 weeks or so I didn’t know what I was having so I bought A LOT of unisex clothing.

I shopped at Mamas and Papas which do lots of white etc unisex clothing. I also bought a lot of white/yellow/patterned sleep suits and vests from asda/tu at tesco/ debenhams etc.

As babies grow out of clothes AMAZINGLY quickly I bought lots of clothes from NCT nearly new sales. The clothes are in great condition and cost a fraction of the price they do new. I bought a few girly things and a few boy things just incase and lots of neutral colours.

All in all, you can find unisex clothes almost anywhere that sells baby clothes.


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