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Ruth asks…

What are some good brands of baby cribs?

We are having our first baby and need some help. Target and Babies R Us off the same brands basically, but not sure which is better quality for long term. Delta seems sturdy, but Graco seems cheaply made. Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

The Expert answers:

We have this book called Baby Bargains which I highly suggest. It tells you all about the brands. Often cribs are made by the same company with different names. It goes into the history of recalls, where the cribs are made etc…

James asks…

How to Keep Baby Cribs from Harming Your Baby?

some body have more info about this topic i need some info please about How to Keep Baby Cribs from Harming Your Baby? thanks

The Expert answers:

It all really depends on you. A lot of people say no lose blankets, no toys, no monitor cords, even no bumpers. I have a 5 month old and I have a bumper cuz my baby is very active and can hit her head so I still kept the bumper but I don’t have any lose articles around her. Hope this helps

Donald asks…

What types of cribs can baby stay in until ready for toddler bed?

We looked at cribs for the first time today and I am left with tons of questions, as you can imagine. My main one right now is(I’m sure there will be many more)…. Is there a specific type of crib that allows baby to remain in the crib until they reach the ability to sleep in a toddler bed or do they all have this quality? How do you know if they have this quality, because this is what we are looking for.

This is my first if you can’t tell. lol So I really appreciate your comments.

The Expert answers:

Any standard crib built to JPMA standards can sleep a baby until well into the second year. A toddler bed uses the same mattress as a crib, so your best bet is to get a convertible crib that you can use until your little one is three or four. It saves you having to go out and buy a new bed that you’re only going to use for a year or two. I would also get a bassinet for the first few months, since you’ll probably want the baby nearby when you’re sleeping.

Maria asks…

What Retail Store sells round baby cribs ?

Certain stores only let you buy round cribs online so i was wondering if anyone knows any retail stores that sell them. I’m Pregnant with my first child (Girl) and i really want a round crib.

The Expert answers:

has really cute ones.
But also our once upon a child has them.

Steven asks…

Are baby cribs usually on sale all year long?

Im expecting in November and noticed that some baby cribs are on sale now but I was wondering if they would be on sale all year
thanks for the really stupid answers from the insulting idiots who probaby dont even have children
A sincere thanks to the people who were nice and helpful

The Expert answers:

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