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Sandy asks…

how many day time outfits should i buy in newborn size?

she’s due in october so will be a winter baby
she has thousands and i mean literally thousands of sleep suits and vest,and a few baby dresses,but im wanting to know how many outfits i should go and buy for taking her out or when she’s not asleep,also does anyone know any good cheap baby clothes websites for the uk 🙂

The Expert answers:

If you have warm sleepers that should be enough. They are cute, comfy, warm, and easy. Just buy outfits in the next size up. No one should judge you for keeping a newborn in p.j.’s. And you will have plenty of time for cute outfits once he or she gets older, so save your money now while you still can 🙂

Betty asks…

The effects that dust has on a newborn baby? Tell my Landlord!?

I am having a baby this March. I am trying to clean and get everything together. I washed all of my baby‘s clothes. I vacuum my floors regularly. I notice that there is a ton of dust in my townhouse. I believe it is coming from the vents (my vents are on the floor, not the ceiling). I look over at my baby‘s crib and there is dust all over it, and on my dresser. I can sometimes see it floating around. When I vacuum the floor, there is so much dust in the vaccum. (Again, we vacuum REGULARLY..LIKE every other day..We’re not dirty). I think my Landlord lied and said that he shampooed the carpet before we moved in because the first time we vacuumed, it was disgusting. My landlord claimed he put a new air filter wherever it goes, but it is still dusty. We also have two 3 year olds in another room. We got them a humidifier. What can I do for my baby? Purifier? Shampoo my carpet every other day (sarcastic). Help? I obviously don’t know much about Heating systems, so help me! Also, keep in mind my landlord is really cheap and hates spending money unless he really needs to. He likes to repair everything himself. What options are there? What could happen to my newborn with all of this dust?

The Expert answers:

It sounds like the source of the dust is your heating system. That means that the ducts should be cleaned (which probably won’t happen since your landlord is so cheap) then install a high efficiency air cleaner like the Electro Breeze Duct Mount UV kit at Even the “Ultra Allergen” filters from the store are only about 20% efficient, that means that 80% of the dust is blowing right through the filter. The Electro Breeze air cleaner is 97% efficient down to 0.3 microns and coupled with the ultra-violet light will kill mold and viruses. This is the same system used in casinos for smoke and odor control. It installs in about 20 minutes and the panel is as easy as removing your current filter and sliding the Electro Breeze panel in and plug it in the wall. This should make a huge difference in your indoor dust, plus the protection of your family from mold and viruses. I hope this helps.

Michael asks…

Help with baby clothing…?

Does anyone know of a good website where I can find good used newborn boy clothing. I am due in August and desperately need clothing. I am staying in a shelter but they rely on donations from the public for clothing and dont have anything for a baby boy. I have also tried local organizations and have been put on a waiting list so I need a site where I can find clothes very cheap.
I am not comfortable going out to yard sales. I am in a domestic violence shelter and quite honestly dont want anyone to know where I am.

The Expert answers:

Try freecycle..or maybe make a post on craigslist..

Chris asks…

Wondering if anyone is looking for baby clothes for sale?

If there is anyone looking for preemie, newborn, 0-3, or 3-6 month clothing or blankets, and sleep positioners, I sell on eBay for dirt cheap. I have auctions ending today that start at $1. I also relist anything that didn’t sell atleast every other day. I have gently used clothing from my twin boys that I sell. I will also sell in bulk for discounted price if anyone wants to buy bulk of what I have in a size. I also throw in free unused diapers, washcloths, and bibs if I have any available. All my items are stored in a smoke free, pet free, clean house and I wash all items before shipping. I also have other items not posted for sale, just contact me for additional information. I am online almost all day long, this is my job to bring in extra money while taking care of my 3 month old twins and my husband works for GM and we all know what’s going on with that company. I also sell women’s and men’s clothing and shoes, email me for more details. So, if you know anyone looking for gently used, in excellent condition baby boy clothes and some unisex items, accessories, etc. send them to or email me at
craigslist only lets you post in your region, otherwise you’re violating rules. i thought YA would be better until i find something else.

The Expert answers:

Have you tried

Laura asks…

Where can I buy CUTE baby clothes?

I ordered my reborn from Paradise Galleries for only $40.00. Me and my Mom have been looking for real good stores that sell real good baby clothes with real good prices. By real good prices, I mean CHEAP! The cheaper, the better. I went to Khols. They had a HUGE sale and so I bought a few things. I’v been looking for Carters. I live in NY so if anyone can tell me where Carters is, I’d give you extra points. Besides that, where can I buy some cute baby clothes. I’m getting a boy and I really need stuff! P.S. He is 16 inches and wears Newborn and 0/3 months.

The Expert answers:

Http://’s_stores-broad-bidid104280 That’s their site!
And to find a store
Hope this works (:

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