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Nancy asks…

How many of you are still buying food imported from China?

With the recent scandal over the baby milk formula, I have absolutely no confidence over ANYTHING that is Made in China anymore! This is not the first, second or third time China has been involved in tainted or poisoned products and I am very sure that there will be more new cases too. Months ago was lead in our children’s toys and now, this? Remember the pet food?

I am truly disgusted with the low quality control and the Chinese Government over such scandals. It’s high time the Chinese (those responsible) have some conscience and stop killing innocent people.

The Expert answers:

Whenever I can, I do not buy Chinese crap goods. I stopped buying Chinese food products ages ago out of a personal preference and a bias towards my local farm produced products near where I live. Now that winter is coming, buying local Ontario or even Canadian produce is getting harder so I will be forced to buy American or even Mexican produce.

One notable difference in buying products from other countries, even though they tend to cost substantially more, is that they are QUALITY made. I no longer have to replace that product in a few months because it was shoddily made in crap conditions in China or other cut rate country. So it may cost more initially, but in the long run it is cheaper because I do not need to repurchase.

David asks…

Made in China garbage?

Is anyone else swearing off buying anything made in China? I mean everything ..I refuse. 5 babies dead due to their formula. They were adding melanine only to get the protein content up to fool the inspectors..that’s it…and now 5 dead.
Their toys are toxic, their food is toxic..If we don’t stop buying, there will never be any change.
I’m tired of our government continually importing this crap that is unsafe for our kids.
I am going to watch labels more carefully. I will not buy anymore stuff from there. I just don’t trust it.
Most of the toys I buy are from germany. They aren’t expensive. And most of my clothes( I just had a quick peek), are not made in China. My stroller is not from China, nor is my babies crib. I don’t think it will be that hard.
There are tons of plastics on the market as well not made in China, electronics, might be impossible to find, but I am gearing more towards safety, my babies safety for one. I am sure she can grow up without sucking on some lead poisoned chinese
People..go debate your feeding choices somewhere else. Formula feeding does not make you a bad parent. What a terrible thing to say to someone. You have no right to judge how others live their life.

The Expert answers:

I try not to as much as I can. Many of the fisher price toys are now made in mexico. I think it should be considered a form of terrorism, exporting poisonous goods, and our government should treat it as such. Its revolting that we still do business with China at all, IMO.

Michael asks…

afraid of toys?

why arent all the toys that contain lead in them removed from the stores shelves??
how can we know for sure if the toys we bought contain lead
i know they have some sites where certain ones are listed,but they are not all on there??and would it be safe to assume all things made in china have lead??
im terrified to buy my baby toys and im wondering if i should throw away the ones she has(alot of fisher price)also
HOW do you know if your chils has been exposed to lead
what do you guys do??

The Expert answers:

Personally, I didn’t use any that were from China, but that’s just my worried self!


This website shows you symptoms of children exposed to lead.

Mark asks…

unsafe,dangerous products?????

why are we allowing other countries such as China,Vietnam,Japan,Hong Kong,South Korea,Mexico import unsafe,unsanitary products in our land??? where are the government controls and standards that decent Americans expect our country to implement to safeguard our bodies,minds and over all health and safety??? do you think being friends with these nations and putting our own people out of work so they can prosper is a good idea??? do you think cheap ingredients and manufacturing is worth dying for??? is it ok for your baby or grandchild to have lead paint on their cheap toys made in China??? there are no standards there do some reserach they are so over populated and desperate that anything goes!!! why do you think so many schools crumbled and collapsed in that awful earthquake???? shoddy,cheap unsafe construction and materials thats why!!!! how many Chinese kids get sick and die because of tainted formula and baby food or the toothpaste??? do you think they care more for our country?? NOT

The Expert answers:

We don’t have enough government inspectors to police all the products. In the past we have been expecting the seller to check their own products.

In particular we have given China a pass. Virtually everything they make is shoddy, third rate and worthless.

Thy even caught a Chinese factory using old newspaper as filler for dumplings exported to Japan.

We need to start boycotting Chinese products today.

Sandra asks…

Lead paint in IKEA toys?

I just bought some toys at IKEA from the MULA line. One is a roller coaster with wooden beads and the other is a tow wagon filled with blocks. The blocks and beads are painted and it says it was made in China. I can’t find any other information on this anywhere. Now I wish I would not have bought them. Though IKEA is a European company and is very popular (and so I assume they do not want any recalls due to paint), I can’t be sure that these toys are safe for my baby.
Does anybody have any more information? Thank you!

The Expert answers:

I think you’re wise to be concerned. However, I went to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission’s website and entered IKEA in the search box. Here is the most relevant link to the product you own. It’s also from the MULA line…but it was recalled because of a potential choking hazard.


Here are links to notices of other IKEA recalls:

I would advise you to bookmark the CPSC’s website (see link below) and subscribe to its e-mail list so that you can stay atop all toy recalls. Also, add (link below) to your favorites so that you can stay apprised of other product recalls. It appears that your item has not been recalled for any reason. I hope this information puts your mind at ease, though if you remain concerned…I would simply remove the toy from your child so that you eliminate the danger.

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