Your Questions About Baby Care

Lisa asks…

what should i wear and bring to first day of hip hop class?

The Expert answers:

Just look like Michael Jackson and you’ll be good.

Helen asks…

Why is girls clothing so much more comfortable and is it wrong that I like to wear girls clothing?

The Expert answers:

It’s not that different in the comfort, but it’s fine that you wear girls clothes. If it’s what you like then go for it.

David asks…

Can you work for the federal government and still be a staunch conservative?

The Expert answers:

Yes. Not all government employees are useless.

George asks…

Sharp objects that cut a bulimic’s throat and when is throwing up automatic?

The Expert answers:

I hope yu do know…that to be bulimic they binge before they purge. That means they eat huge amounts of food quickly & uncontrollably before purging. It is the main symptom of all bulimics…it’s just that most people don’t know that. & not all bulimics purge by throwing up (most but not all) Bulimics usually gain weight or maintain…rarely lose weight.

I’ve been bulimic since I was 12 (now 17). If yu want to write about them throwing up blood…yu could say the person’s finger or object (toothbrush?) scraped/scratched their throat. Say that lil bits of bright red blood came up.

If yu want to say that they tore their esophagus (usually happens w/ severe bulimics who binge 30-40 times a day) then describe huge amounts of dark dark, clumpy blood being forcibly thrown up. The person WILL die if not taken care of immediately.

Automatic throwing up…or “hands free purging” happens over time. I learned to push on my stomach muscles reallyyy hard, & opening my esophagus at the same time to force the food through. The person throws up so much that they understand the feeling of their stomach contracting, so they learn to do it themselves. My gag reflex is gone.

Feel free to email me at for more questions…I’m glad bulimia is being recognized & getting some attention! The more, the better understanding, & the better at treating it! :]

Robert asks…

Does anyone know who suplies hospitals and care homes with their medical taps?

The Expert answers:

It could be anybody as I expect they regularly review tenders for their equipment and buy the most cost effective at that time. Why don’t you phone a hospitals maintenance section and ask them if they know?

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