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Steven asks…

should i buy these baby stuff or not? (sarcastic person get away!)?

im not livin in USA where every stuff can be free delivered. after first miss carriage and difficulties, i am now happily pregnant in the middle of no where and no friend at all (just arrived after relocation). my baby predicted to born on 15 march (twin babies). as a gift, my in laws give us amazon gift card to buy stuff as a gift for the baby and they said this card has to be used for buy a baby stuff. and these are what i really want to buy…

1. Baby bouncer (will be nice to keep one at a time while im busy with the other one!?)
2. Breast pump (is a muct i guess…)
3. Baby stroller for twin
4. Carseat

I have decided to buy these items, but when i saw the shipping fee, i start to think SHOULD I BUY OR NOT.

in the city where we live there are so limited options of baby goods, and actually with the price we pay at amazon, it will be almost the same with the price in the local market but with a less good of quality.

I know i can avoid the baby bouncer, but i really really want to have this… and with the gift card i have, i can buy all those stuff together+shippment… and after the first misscariage, we really happy and wanted this baby to have “fancy” stuff

but, do you think its worth to pay tripple price just because of the shipment fee? and i realize these stuff wont last more than 9months…

and for the stroller, is it worth it to buy the $700 for a double stroller? (really good one though) OR just buy the ordinary one with a cheaper price about $300?

Thank you SOOOOOOOO much! 🙂

PS: dont tell me about baby clothes, we have everything already from my sister

The Expert answers:

My baby HATED a bouncer. When I put her in it she sobbed and was completely scared out of her wits. She never liked it. You can’t tell if a baby will like a bouncer or not before you try it, so I don’t recommend buying one until you can try one out. Same with a baby swing.

And while a breast-pump is nice, you can’t use it for the first month (it can hurt your supply, just let them nurse naturally.) You may never use it. I actually got 2 from family who never used their breast pumps when I was pregnant. I ended up unable to breastfeed because of medical issues, so I didn’t use them either. I donated them.

I would go with the car seat or with the stroller. You need the car seat from day one, and the good ones typically aren’t that cheap. Strollers will become a necessity especially with twins on the way. I’d look for a stroller with big wheels (like a jogging stroller) since they go up and down curbs, through grass and dirt and sand, and just are easier to handle, and the further back they lay down the better it is for a newborn.

Helen asks…

Where can I buy stuff online in bulk with no taxes or shipping?

I use for all our baby needs, so know I’m looking for a website that I can purchase all the rest of our needs (toiletries, paper goods and possibly groceries) online and have it shipped to our front door for Free no taxes like Even if there is a limit on what you have to buy to get the free shipping (ex. you have to spend $50 or more) I’d be happy. It’s just buying stuff in bulk this way saves so much money and I’d like to save more by getting a lot of our needs this way instead of having to pack the baby up and go to the store and deal with all those rude people and spending all that money in gas. Anyone know of a site?

The Expert answers: let’s you purchase paper goods, etc. Online.

Daniel asks…

what are some good free samples websites?

my little niece likes when she gets things in the mail. i go on and order her things off there and it’s free shipping and everything. but i was wondering if there was more websites like sweetfreestuff because that website is all like deoderant and stuff. theres a baby section but it’s always diapers. she’s happy when she gets those but i was just wondering if theres more websites?

The Expert answers:

Well, there’s a ton of stuff here, and if you look there are two or three “being girls” packages, but that might be too old (tampons, deodorants), I don’t know how old your niece is.

There are a bunch of calendars and cereals and snacks here too though.


That’s really sweet of you, btw.

Nancy asks…

Where can I buy stuff for a dollar online?

I have been looking for a place online to buy stuff for a dollar with free shipping. I found one place but they don’t take my kind of credit card. Can someone please suggest some places. Maybe having things such as kids toys, holloween costumes because I need one for my baby, sex more. And I know there is stores online for that kind of stuff I just need to know where at. Stuff for a dollar and free shipping. Can someone please help me?

The Expert answers:

You can try ebay

David asks…

I am starting a daycare.?

Does anyone know where I can get free baby stuff? Free crafts? Anything free will help, if anyone is willing to give away stuff, I will pay for shipping.

The Expert answers:

Freecycle, it is a group on Yahoo.
Go to Yahoo, go to Groups, search Freecycle.
You’ll have to look for a freecycle group local to you and you’ll sign up to be a member, then you can post a WANTED posting.
Also, most states have a Child Care Resource & Referral program that provide support to Childcare Providers. Look online for this or in the phone book.

I’ve attached links for Child Care Resource & Referral and for Freecycle.

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