Your Questions About Baby Care

Mandy asks…

ONLINE Virtual Baby Games with GOOD graphics?

i LOVE playing baby games where i get to take care of babies by feeding, nurturing, and changing them ONLINE! i need one ONLINE with GREAT graphics and not like no games where i have to pay please and if it helps i’m a 13 year old girl!


The Expert answers:

You can try Baby Valley(from French company) but its Flash application similar to Babydow so you still cannot interact with the baby.since Christmas just around the corner why don’t you ask for Nintendo DS as Christmas present.there’s a lot of great baby games on DS and my favorite are My Baby Girl,My Baby 2,Baby Pals and My Little Baby. With DS microphone and touch screen you can cuddle&sing to the babies,change their diapers,teach the skills bath and feed them it’s very realistic.

Linda asks…

any baby games online that are fun?

i want a virtual baby game were i could feed them and take
care of them and stuff like that i don’t want second life!

The Expert answers:

Baby games, seriously?


Betty asks…

does anybody know where i can i get a virtual baby games online?

The Expert answers:

HEey you dont wanna do that because your kid will end up with very bad eyesight and that goes for all other mothers out there. Keep things natural and keep those kids away from the screens as much aspossible

Daniel asks…

Where can I play really fun babysitting online games?

I love playing baby games online like nanny mania. But i can not download…….So I need an onli ne one.

The Expert answers:

Theres a game on miniclip called kindergarten
just like that i guess

have fun

Maria asks…

Are there any good online virtual baby games?

Free ones only.

The Expert answers:

Caring Games

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