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Donna asks…

Low Cost Veterinary Care in NYC?

I have had my baby kitten icki for about 9 months now, and recently she has stopped eating all of her favorite foods. I took her to the vet and paid 100 dollars to have him tell me she had a possible hairball, and was sent home. Before you could feel the hairball (or whatever it was) inside her stomach, but with the remedy recommended its gone now. She still wont eat, and now one of her eyes is cloudy. I am afraid for the life of my kitten, I love her very much and I really don’t want to let her go. She is getting thinner, and refuses to play. I cannot afford top shelf health care since I am a high school student in The Bronx taking night classes, and working every night on ten page history projects. I am not able to get a job at the moment, since no one around here wants a part timer. Can someone please help me? Otherwise I might have to surrender her, which I really don’t want to do. I would rather do that then have her die but I would like to know what my options are.
PS If you have a slick comment about the fact that poor people should not have pets then please don’t answer my question. That isn’t necessarily what im asking, what im asking is for help not criticism. Thank You

The Expert answers:

I cannot recommend a vet
Try temtpting her with chicken, tuna, yogurt, baby food no onions deli meat or any plain meat
Try warming a can in the microwave as the smell may make things more appetizing
Look at the gums and make sure there is no yellowing which would be an emergency
If this goes on longer then a day, force feed her. Take a can add water and puree in a blender. You can get a feeding syringe from tyoiur vfet for a couple of bucks
Very best of luck

Sandra asks…

Help! new timer gecko breeder! when should i take the hatchling leopard geckos out of the incubator?

they just hatched either last night or this morning. I cant tell if they had their first shed yet. i have them in a good sized rubbermaid container in the incubator right now. with some papertowel and a sponge for moisture. im not sure if i should move them in my 5 gallon tank with a heat light yet.

Any other info about caring for baby geckos woud be apreciated.
Thanks 🙂

The Expert answers:

You should move them when there all done fully hatching. And dont feed your geckos unless there done with there first shed

Lisa asks…

A Baby Iguana Or A Baby Bearded Dragon..Please Help?

hi i have read loads about both lizards but i want everyone PROFESSIONAL opinion,im a first time lizard keeper but i have had snakes in the past which obviously i know its a different type of care,but as i am a first timer what would be best and easier for me,i have heard iguana’s can be aggressive towards female owners which is what i am,so can anyone just give me any advise they have and point me in the right direction,i like both lizards but to be fair on them i want to start off with one i know i will be able to cope,many thanks for reading,amy x

The Expert answers:

Beared dragon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Heres a care sheet i made

Bearded dragons

Hi I am a bearded dragon breeder and I’m here to tell you all about bearded dragons

Lighting and heating

you should always have a night time lamp and day time it has to be 90-115 degrees Fahrenheit and at night 70-80 degrees you can and should have three lamps (one) the day time lamp (two) the night time lamp and (three) the basking lamp

Food and water

If you purchase a breaded dragon as a baby it will eat mostly insects such as crickets, bees, worms, grass hoppers, super worms, meal worms, and many many others and maybe a little salad but as an adult they will eat mostly salad and fruit such as carrots, green beans, tomatoes, pears, apples, and many others. Water should be in a small bowl or dish and big enough that the bearded dragon can fit in its whole body in the water. You must re place the water every day because gems and other stuff. For a baby that’s 1-6 months old you should feed it 20-50 SMALL crickets a day and maybe some meal worms. Salad should be given every day and replaced every 2-5 days. You should feed adults 1-5 crickets a day and a lot of salad.


If you are going to breed breaded dragons they have to be at lest 18 or 19 months old they should be in a 55 gallon tank when and if they breed its very violent the male will bite the female in the neck and other weird stuff, do not be alerted it happens. The female will lay 5-20 eggs you must take them out of the cage as soon as you can because they will eat them so try to take them out as soon as possible. She does not lay them all at the same time so check the cage every day for a month. They will sometimes be in a hole or in the dirt on the bottom of the cage. When you get them out you can put them in a container that you can make or buy fill them with half way with dirt and soil make sure it has a lid with holes it needs to be 80-85 degrees so you will need a heat lamp not to hot not to cold some of the eggs will go bad so watch for bad eggs they will hatch 2 months later once the eggs have hatched leave them in the container for at lest 24 hours so they can walk around and stuff then put them in to a 10-55 gallon tank the babies can stay together until they are 6 or 7 months because they will fight over territory.


Fr the flooring you can put news paper or cage carpet or sand if you do use sand MAKE SURE THAT ITS DIEGESTEBLE. If not when you feed your bearded dragon it will slowly eat the sand a little and build up in its stomach and kill it. So if you are going to use sand MAKE SURE THAT ITS DIEGESTEBLE or feed you bearded dragon some place else. You should have 1-4 hiding spots for it you may want to put some logs or braches for it to climb. I have in my habitat a water fall, a hollow log, some braches, and 3 hiding stops for it, I am growing green beans for it to eat I have a 40 gallon long I am going to get a 55 gallon I have sand for the bottom of my cage but I don’t feed my bearded dragon in there I feed him a smaller tank that does NOT have sand. You should clean out the cage every month or so as a baby I wood not use sand they may eat it and its very hard to clean up the poop and skin when it sheds


If your bearded dragon is opening his/her mouth it’s just because it’s basking. Basking means getting heat it opens its mouth to cool off so ifs it is opening its mouth and closeing its eyes don’t worry
it happens all the time you bearded dragon will like to bask a LOT.


You should hold your bearded dragon every day for at lest 15 minutes and slowly pet him/her with two fingers down the back and tail. They will get use to you. Mine changed from running away from me to jumping on to my hand. YOU NEED TO WASH YOUR HANDS BEFORE AND AFTER so he/she doesn’t get anything from you and you don’t get anything from him/her


You should give you pet a bath every week because of gems dirt and other stuff
Fill the bath up to the bearded dragon’s neck on the deep side and to his/her legs on the shallow side let it soak for 10-15 minutes then take it out and DON’T HOLD IT MAKE SURE THAT YOU put it under the heat lamp right after
so it can dry off or it will get to cold.


Your beared dragon will shed every week maybe less if its older it will not be 1 long smooth peace like a snake. It will be many small little peaces and come off slowly the best thing you can do is soak it in warm water 80-95 degrees let it soak for 5-10 min and just put it under the heat land in its cage try not the pull the skin at all just let it come off and maybe not even hold it when its shedding

i have 4 beaded dragons, beared dragon eggs, 1 king snake 1 dog 1 water dragon 1 ball python and a red ear slider 3 fire belly toads

Mark asks…

On virtual villagers 1 I’m having trouble with a woman trying to raise a child. can someone help?

In the beginning she was like 25 and had a baby. Then she drank from this bottle that made her turn 4. Well she still carried the baby around, and i figured once she turned 18 she would start caring for it again, but the timer is stuck on 114 min. any ideas?

The Expert answers:

EDIT: It appears that the baby will not start weaning again until the mother arrives at the age she was before she drank from the bottle.

At least, that’s what the creators have said. The link to the response is below the link to their forums.

I’ve heard of a similar event happening but I don’t exactly recall how it was resolved. However, you could probably contact the creators to see if they can help you out.

The link to their forums is below. You would want to talk to Arthur, Carla, or LadyCFII. They should be able to help you. Sorry I can’t be much more help than that. Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Please answer my rabbit question? practically a first timer?

Okay, please read:

So I once had a dwarf rabbit when I was like 7 but he was very un social-able and me being too young to actually enjoy him he went to a friend. I am a teen now and a pet peeve. I own birds, fish, dogs, cats etc. with care and passion. I really want to try this whole rabbit thing again now that I am more mature and responsible. I have researched and learned that holland lops are quite tame.

If I did get a rabbit I would most certainly adopt it from a shelter or from someone who could no longer care for theirs. I do not want one because they are just “cute or easy to care for,” I had a hamster last year and he was my best friend and he passed and I want to try something else. I know they require daily attention and care. I want to get one from a shelter that is an adult ( I don’t want a baby that I have to train) and I want it to be already litter boxed trained and trusting of humans. Is that too much to ask for?

What’s the smallest a rabbit can be housed in? I am definitely gonna have it inside in my bedroom, where I will be often. Do they smell?

How does this sound? Do you think I should get one in time? I have researched care and such. How can I have my parents understand? They know I am mature enough and such for the care of another pet but they just “don’t want any more.” What do you do on vacations that are a week long?

Thanks so much! Please no criticizing! If you have any suggestions, tips, care ideas, housing ideas, or anything..please let me know!! Btw, I cannot let a rabbit be a “house rabbit” and let it roam free. I live in a log home and if it had an accident or sprayed the urine would be impossible to remove. Thanks again! I LIKE LOTS OF FEEDBACK!

The Expert answers:

Holland Lops are AWESOME rabbits (I have a male Holland Lop, saved him from being eaten) If they are litter trained and u clean out the litter box it will not smell. The cage needs to be big enough to do three hops and stand on its hind legs, and if its smaller you will need to let it out for a while each day to run.
I defiantly think you should get a rabbit! And talk to your parents about it, i made a deal with mine. I pay for everything my Holland Lop has. Don’t feed them too much. (I made that mistake) Boomer when i first got him was over weight and i continued feeding him a lot until i realized it is not good for a rabbit to be overweight. He’s now on a proper diet of unlimited hay and only 1/2 of a cup of pellets once a day. (I suggest you do this to)
Holland Lops are very tame once they trust you. Good luck 🙂

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