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Mary asks…

How to tell the difference between Asian faces and eyes?

The Expert answers:

For the girl who commented saying there is no difference between the looks of the Frenchman and an Armenian, that is false. All Europeans look very different too, it is just that you have never been to Europe most likely and think that all white people look like the white people in the US, who are all mostly Irish, English, and German. The same goes for Africans and Asians. The guy in the picture is probably from the British isles, he looks northern European.

Asians look different too, but I mainly judge by their last name. Chineses are more darker then the Japanese and the Koreans, however the Koreans look more like the Chinese then the Japanese. The Philipinos are some of the darkest in Asia. Vietnamese people look like the Chinese people, Cambodians look far different then Vietnamese people. Indians look more middle eastern the more west you go, Mongolians look Inuit, more like native Americans. Those are my observations in the Asian anthropolgy, and anthropology and analyzing the human race is not racist, because I am not degrading anyone, I am just stating fact.

Richard asks…

How has the growth of India and China affected the UK?

The Expert answers:

A few things you can think about are:

1.) How does China/India’s cheap labor affect the UK’s manufacturing/service industries?

2.) Will UK citizens prefer to purchase a higher priced product made locally or a cheaper foreign made one?

3.) How important is China/India’s economy to the UK? And vice versa?

4.) How can China/India’s domestic/foreign policy affect the UK?

These are just some things you can try to incorporate into you paper. Good luck!

Mark asks…

What is the song playing when Katniss and Peeta are heading home?

The Expert answers:

I don’t know, but go to iTunes and look at the soundtrack. You can play samples of each song until you find the one you are looking for. Good Luck.

Steven asks…

How to determine distances by using apparent and absolute magnitudes?

The Expert answers:

The little m stands for apparent magnitude and is what the celestial object looks like in out night sky. The big M stands for absolute magnitude and is how bright it actually is at 10 parsecs. Now if an object has an apparent magnitude of -1 and an absolute magnitude of +8 you know that it gets dimmer if you are moving it to ten parsecs. Therefore it must be closer than a star that has a m of -1 and a M +4 because star 1 gets dimmer by 9 levels however star 2 only gets dimmer by 5 levels. This also works for stars getting brighter as you move it to 10 parsecs.

Charles asks…

How does Obama get a free pass on his past alcohol and drug abuse?

The Expert answers:

I find that Obama is annoying as well. Unfortunately, all modern presidents are basically thugs. They get away with stuff because they can. My favorite president was Harding, who died after two months in office 🙂 The in house fighting between repubs and democrats is all just a rouse to keep us pre-occupied. The real enemy is both parties together, as they have formed the dominating central government that we have today. The real issue is not trivial issues in any politicians past, but how much and how often they trample on our rights. These are the issues we need to focus on, together. It can be surprisingly difficult to pierce the traditional illusions and realize whats really going on. As in the movie Matrix, one must have the courage to take the red pill. Read the book, 1984 by George Orwell. Visit the website and you will start to see…

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