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Donald asks…

What is the difference between ‘Steampunk’ fashion and simply 19th Century fashion?

The Expert answers:

You’ve been playing too much SL.

Steampunk is just something someone made up.

George asks…

What is wrong with my computer and how can I restore it?

The Expert answers:

Well, either the game was a virus or coincidentally something happened to the hard drive.

Either way, it will need a reinstall of the OS. Which may or may not work

try a repair reinstall first.
If not a full clean install
u can connect the drive to another system and maybe get ur data off of it before the clean install.

Helen asks…

Will black people finally stop crying and complaining like the President told them to?

The Expert answers:


Thomas asks…

What do Ethiopians use to moisturize and style their hair?

The Expert answers:


Mary asks…

What meals are commonly served for breakfast, lunch and dinner in Italy?

The Expert answers:

Breakfast: croissant, biscotti and coffee, granita and brioche

Lunch: Biggest meal of the day. Starts with pasta, then proceeds to some sort of meat and vegetable and bread, and ends with fruit.

Dinner: lighter meal. If a lot of meat was eaten during the day, then they’ll opt for pasta, or vegetable dishes.

Dessert: Not an everyday thing. Gelato. Cannoli. Etc.

Tomato and cheese are in almost everything. Chicken cutlets or meatballs are served several times a week. And pasta is a daily ritual. Fresh tomato sauce is made every Sunday, and the entire family gathers to eat it together. Bread is at every meal regardless. Breakfast is light and is usually just coffee and cookies to dunk into it.

If you have specific questions just email me.

*** hey Angel, I’m Italian and just to let you know. No Italian would eat that for breakfast. It’s too rich and hearty. That’s an American dish with Italian-esque influences.

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