Your Questions About Baby Care

Mary asks…

Are there any babysitting games that i could play online without having to download them?

I enjoy games such as the sims but i am a bit bored of that now and i wanna try something else. I really like kids and i figure that i would type into google “Babysitting games online” but all it comes up with is ones that you have to download.

The Expert answers:

Hey, have you checked out ?

It has more than 1200 free online games, is well suited for kids and updated daily.

Susan asks…

Do You Know Any Online Babysitting Games Besides the Kindergarten one?

I LOVE to babysitt so im looking for some babysitting games but every time I ask this question people always say the one about the Kindergarten Game!I already know that site and that game people!

The Expert answers:

Try..babysitting mania on or nanny mania on msn and fast downloads. Good luck!

George asks…

Babysitting Games where to find any websites?

I babysit a lot and i always never have fun .. but if i bring things i will have while the kids are .. have any good babysitting game websites ?

The Expert answers:

Joseph asks…

What are some good ideas for babysitting games?

My sis and i babysit two little boys next door. We have tried many games but they get bored of it really easily. We took them over to our house and went to the park and everything but we end up sitting on the floor watching a movie or the kids play a (fake…no punching) fighting game. What kind of ideas can we do that last a long time but can keep them interested? (the boys r like 5)

The Expert answers:

Scavenger hunts. Have them look for things in their neighborhood. Reward them with points for each thing.
Dont plant them in front of the tv.. Thats the worst thing.
Play with them.. Soccer.. Nature walks.. Anything.
Bake with them.. Color. Inspire them.. Dont make them into zombies.

Laura asks…

What website has babysitting games online?

What website has babysitting games online?
Like Virtual babysitting, where i can actually take care of babies/kids online….

Ive tried the terrible triplet thing, the babysitting maze, nanny mania, and petpet sitter on neopets……wut else is there???

The Expert answers:

There is carrie the caregiver on yahoo games

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