Your Questions About Baby Care

Steven asks…

Is there any free 3d virtual baby games online?

no downloading
please im so board!

The Expert answers:

type it into google, go to the website, and theres a game, where you have to babysit them……..

Helen asks…

how do i find online baby games?

iwant to find a virtual baby game online for free no DOWnloads and i Already no about discovry health im looking for a game thatu can do all the stuf REaL Parents do if u could help me out that would be great remember NO DOWNLOADS

The Expert answers:

Feeding Games

Linda asks…

Does anyone know of any virtual reality baby games online that you can play for free?

The Expert answers:

Tons of games! Club Penguin,,, Toontown,, and many more.

Richard asks…

is there any having baby games online with out download or have to buy it.?

is there any after having baby games like when you take care of them when there new born.because i not ready to have a baby so it would be nice take care of a virtual baby to play on the computer.

The Expert answers:

There’s a game called Carrie the Caregiver…she works in a hospital nursery and you have to change the babies diapers and stuff. Then there’s a sequel to it where you have to help her teach preschool. I have children…neither is anything at all like having the real thing. Try those dolls called Baby think it over.

Jenny asks…

Does anyone know any online Baby Games?

I want to play an online baby game. Like, a game where I am the mother…and there is an online baby that I take care of. Does anyone know any games??? I do not want to download anything either. THANKS!!! =)

The Expert answers:

Http:// You can take care of as many babies as you want (there your kids!) Its a lot of fun I’m a member add me than send a message to me !!! My name is : fredforever (don’t capitalize or space)

Hope I helped !!!

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