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Betty asks…

Where can I find baby sheets?

I have a standard crib, a pack n play, and a cradle and am in desparate need of good quality baby sheets for them. I’ve tried all from babies r us, and walmart and they just don’t seem to fit right. If they do fit, it’s only before they’re washed. Once washed they shrink terribly. Please help!

The Expert answers:

I’ve been buying all my baby sheets at They have the biggest selection of sizes and have hundreds (it’s amazing!) of colors and patterns to choose from. Their sheets have very deep corner pockets and they fit all our baby mattresses perfectly. I’ve also been shopping for all my girlfriends’ baby showers and they all love the sheets! Hope this helps. Good Luck!

Joseph asks…

Does anyone know where I can find a realistic, durable baby doll crib?

All my little girl wants to be is a mommy, so we need something nice and durable thats smaller than the real thing but big enough to seem real for a 7 yr old. Any good ideas on companies or retailers would be appreciated, Ive already searched places like Toys R us and Walmart.. Thanks

The Expert answers:

Anytime you want realistic looking doll furniture-go to American girl!!

Their items ARE pricey but oh so worth it!! My daughters (I have 3) all have american girl dolls and LOVE them!! We have the beds, outfits,etc to go with them. They place with the dolls for hours and take them everywhere.

American girl is really good about anything you order from them. Shipping is prompt and they treat you well if you were to ever have a problem.

This crib is super cute and looks like the real thing-your daughter will love it.


if you want to spend a little less (but still have a nice product) target has these

Laura asks…

where can i get amazing deals on baby products?

like things from cribs to little things like toys…anything baby related… dont say walmart…ive already looked there…. im trying to compare prices…

The Expert answers:

I bought my travel system BRAND NEW on Ebay. It was a Graco system (Infant Carrier, Stroller, and Car Seat Base) that only cost me $58.00. Originally, the one that I have cost $179.99 plus tax. By the way, the $58 covered shipping too. I bought it and like 5 days later it was in it’s original box sitting on my doorstep. I also bought a $109.99 Graco swing on Ebay for $36 (Including shipping and it was brand in and in the box too).

Just make sure the Ebay seller has a positive feedback score and has pictures of whatever the item is available for you to look at. Look for phrases like NIB (New in Box) or NWT (New with Tags). You can find amazing deals if you have the time to search for them 🙂

Good luck and Best Wishes 🙂

Ken asks…

What is a stationary drop side crib?

With all the recalls, I don’t want to get a drop-side crib for my second child, but it can be hard to place a sleeping baby in the crib with the rail up when the baby gets a little older and needs the mattress to be lowered.

I’m looking at cribs on and some say that it has a stationary drop side with no moving parts. What is that?

The Expert answers:

I think it’s where part of the crib folds down. Safe because there is no way for baby to get wedged like a drop side. We have this one:

They call it a drop gate though.

Paul asks…

Where did you buy your baby furniture?

We are looking for things like cribs, changing tables, etc. but the stores like Walmart near us do not carry these things in store. I hate to have to go to a furniture store because I am sure it will cost more. Did you order online or go somewhere else?

The Expert answers:

If yoou want to order from Walmart then go online and do the Site to store shipping…its free…Just be sure to read the details and ensure its what you want.

Also try Target, Babies r us, or if you are on a budget try craigslist.

We got ours at babies r us. Walmart is cheaper tho and has the same quality stuff…Also try Burlington Coat factory.

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