Your Questions About Baby Care

Susan asks…

what are some baby clothing brands?

Also..what are ways that i can get coupons by mail for baby stuff or just different stuff.??
&& or websites with free samples. anything will help thank you.

The Expert answers:

Carters, Child of Mine, Baby Gap, Children’s Place. You can look online for coupons or if you make a purchase sometimes the stores will send you coupons in the mail.

Jenny asks…

I went to the doctors today. . .?

And yes, I’m PREGNANT 😀 at my first try ! I’m 6 weeks today ! , I’m due October 26, 2010 :] is there anything i should know? any good tips? Also is there any websites, that sends free baby stuff by mail?

The Expert answers:

Hiya hun congrats im due october 18th 2010 🙂
emmas diary has some good free stuff that sends by mail.
Have a healthy pregnancy hun

Daniel asks…

Does “All About the Baby” site have a catch?

A friend or family member of mine signed me up on which, apparently, is a site that provides tons of free baby stuff (samples and merchandise) for new and pregnant moms. Whoever signed me up only has the best intentions, and so far, I can’t find any sort of catch with this company. But it’s hard to believe I’d get tons of free stuff without it coming at *some* cost, even if that cost is selling my information to companies and I wind up with endless telemarketing calls and piles of junk mail. I’m already getting calls from them on a daily basis, but it is just to confirm my address and info (I don’t want to confirm without knowing what I am getting into!)
Does anyone know anything more about this site and their offers?

The Expert answers:

You’ll have to read the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, which is a bunch of legal stuff and I wouldn’t read it unless I was getting paid.

George asks…

Free stuff from online? for babies?

Are there actually websites where you can get FREE stuff FOR REAL through the mail?

The Expert answers:

I dont know about “free stuff” in abundance but I know that when I was pregnant with my first I was looking for what brand of diapers and formula to use so I went to each website and almost all of them sent me samples.The diaper companies, Huggies and Pampers particularly sent samples every time my baby would be graduating to the new size. Formula companies are wonderful at sending samples, and they are actual full size cans. Try the links below and best of luck!

Helen asks…

I signed up for “free stuff” online and i think it was a fake page ! what do i do ?

i wanted free samples of baby things so i guess i signed up on a page but i don’t remember which one. and ever since that i keep getting LOADS of spam mail what can i do ? and will that affect me ?
by putting my information will that affect me in any way ?

The Expert answers:

Mark them as SPAM or after opening the email you can check at the bottom of the page usually to see an option to unsubscribe.

Unless you gave them banking details, I wouldn’t worry about it.

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