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Ruth asks…

baby registry: target vs. babies r us?

i am going soon to register for baby items, for my baby shower. many people have sugessted different places for me to register at, and i cant decide between babies r us and target.

babies r us will definately have eveyrthing i need for my baby, but they are a lil more expensive. target is cheaper but they dont have as many items. im just afraid that if i register for a lot of expensive things then i might end up getting less presents at my shower.
which should i choose?

also, my sister suggested registering at both. how would that work? if i register at both, then wouldnt that mean i might end up getting a lot of duplicate items? if someone buys me a car seat at target, it is taken off that registry so no one else buys it, but then what if isomeone buys me the car seat off my babies r us registry as well?

help please, all opinions welcome!

The Expert answers:

Why not register at both? I know in our area, there is only one B’r’Us, but several Target stores. You can find some of the exact items cheaper at Target and maybe you can put some non-baby things on the registry like a camera. With a registry, it is easy to return gifts.

Jenny asks…

Babies R Us registry completion program?

I have a few things left on my registry that I’d like to pick up while some of my other coupons for BRU are still valid. Does anyone who used the BRU baby registry recall how long before (or after) their due date that they received the 10% off coupon for the completion program?


The Expert answers:

I think I got mine like a month before I was due.

Sandra asks…

Question about a baby registry at babies r us?

My friend is having a baby shower, and she is registered at babies r us. There are items that I want to buy her that are on the registry, but I planned on ordering them from where I have free shipping ect. Is there any way that I can get it to show on her registry that I purchased these items?
Or will I have to buy from babies r us for this to happen?

The Expert answers:

Most stores will not allow a person to manipulate somebody’s registry just because you call and say you bought it elsewhere. I bought a bridal shower gift at Target last year (even though the bride was registered at Macy’s), called Macy’s to ask them to remove it from her registry and they said it was against their policy to manipulate the bride’s registry without her consent.

I’m not 100% sure of the Babies R Us policy on that matter, but you’ll have better luck if you call them and tell them that you bought a gift from them but totally forgot to tell the cashier that it was off of a registry and ask them to remove it for you. It’s a harmless white lie 🙂 Worst case scenario, she gets 2 gifts and returns one for something else… Not the end of the world!

Helen asks…

What should I write under “Registrant’s message” on the Babies r’us registry?

The Expert answers:

“Your well wishes and good thoughts are more than enough, but if you send us a gift for our little one please be sure to include your name and address so we can send thank-you’s and pictures!”

Thats what we said anyway.

Lisa asks…

Is it okay to say “Gift Cards are also okay” on my Babies R’us registry?

Should I mention this?How can I word it better? I think I registered for less than the amount of guests that are expected.I dont need anything else and I think the gift cards are a great alternative… also just incase ppl have trouble finding the items…
Thanks guys!

The Expert answers:

Gift cards are greatly appreciated! That’s what I would say. Besides I found that when I was registering I was so concentrated on the baby things that I didn’t think of all the things I would need after the 1st year and on. They grow so fast. Congrats on your New Year’s miracle!

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