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Robert asks…

What stores have NEWBORN baby GIRL clothes $10 AND UNDER?

Hi, now I am not having a baby or anything, but i’lltell you this:

I have one of those original baby dolls that look real, breath, and cost $250 dollars.

I want to buy it some girl clothes. Where could i shop for CHEAP newborn baby clothes?

I looked in Target, Walmart and Gymboree but i didn’t see anything i also checked ebay.

Tell me any where that sells CHEAP REAL NEWBORN BABY CLOTHES please

( i am 13)

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I live in the USA in MA. . .
I searched the whole target store and their was nothing small enough where i live, their was mor boy clothes than girls and most thins were in tots. the smallest size was like 12m
and their wasn’t a lot of stuff. . .

Walmart was too pricey.

The Expert answers:

Ross, Marshalls or Tj Maxx.

Donald asks…

Free Used NewBorn Baby Girl Clothes?

Does anyone have newborn clothes they could send to me? Girl size newborn? I would kindly send a thankyou card and a picture of my daughter! Email me for more details. { 39 weeks pregnant w/ girl }
Have lying newborn clothes around? Im real embrassed to be asking this , and you could ship it to me and Id send a thankyou card and a pic of my baby.
{ 39 weeks pregnant }

The Expert answers:

Try there are people posting free baby stuff all the time on there.

Jenny asks…

anyone need baby boy/girl clothes newborn- 6 months?

i have 2 1/2 bins full of baby boy/girl brand name clothes baby gap,the chrildrens place, carters, gerber, old navy, tommy hilfigure, timberland and more that i don’t need anymore and looking to sell for .50 cents a peice or even better make a deal if you want alot. tryed craigslist, newspaper and resale stores they havn’t worked. i will not ship them so local buyers only i live in milton vermont. let me know if anyone needs any is my e-mail

The Expert answers:

That’s what Craigslist is for!!

Chris asks…

Where can I buy baby girl newborn fall and winter jacket in Mississauga/Toronto in summer?

Hi everyone! I will be an aunt soon to my niece. The big problem is that I need to get winter and fall baby girl jackets (clothes) now, in summer time, and I am not really sure where I can find them at this season. I don`t like all that online shopping stuff, prefer to see something in real before buying. Please give me advise of place in Mississauga or Toronto where I would be able to buy. Thank you in advance for your advise.

The Expert answers:

Actually stores are usually a season ahead. I work retail and we have just put out our Fall line so really you shouldn’t have a problem.

Helen asks…

Where to buy designer baby clothes?

Does anybody have any good websites where I can get designer clothes for my newborn baby girl? I’ve tried search engines but can’t really find what i’m after. I really want to buy her a designer coat, D&G or something. I’d also like to find a velour tracksuit. Even if they only do them for 6 months up or whatever i’d still like to buy some stuff for when she grows abit. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

The Expert answers:

WOW – D&G is serious high-end for a baby that is going to outgrow it!

I was thinking Ralph Lauren when I saw your question as I have gotten our twins some cute stuff from the outlets and consignment shops – here is a link:

Congrats and best wishes!

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