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William asks…

Baby Cribs…?

I have looked at Walmart, K-Mart, Target, and Babies R Us. Does anyone know of any other stores where I maybe can find a 4-in-1 crib?
I have a 4 1/2 month old and I am due begining of Jan. So we need another crib. Our duaghter already has a 4-in-1 one and we love it, I just dont want to get the same crib for the new baby and I havent ofund any that really stand out.

The Expert answers:

Try looking at Sears or JC Penny’s. That’s where I found my baby crib and it is great.

Mary asks…

Where’s a good place to buy Baby Cribs?

I’ve been looking at places like Target and Babies R Us. I want a convertible crib, I like the sleigh look. Thanks.

The Expert answers:

Also, do consider places like Wal Mart. They have a good return policy, and places like Costco or Sam’s Club may have good deals as well! Good luck!

Betty asks…

Help please!! Need help locating a baby girl crib set that matches baby gear at Target?

I’m looking for crib bedding set for a girl to match the Graco- Mulberry set from Target having a hard time finding a crib set that matches the mulberry set and or the colors running out of ideas and time any help would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone know if or where to find the fabric that matches somewhere so I could have a set made? Have a Blessed Day!

The Expert answers:

Hi, Here is a cute Mulberry crib set Hope this helps.

Chris asks…

Would you buy the baby essentials (crib, changing table, car seat etc) at a Babies R Us, or Walmart or Target?

I’ve seen alot of nice stuff at babies r us that were kind of expensive, that I’ve seen at WalMart and Target for less, but does more expensive mean better quality? I’m pregnant with my first (almost 3 months) and decided buying new would be better, but which stores have better quality?

The Expert answers:

I highly recommend for any of your baby purchases. We got our name brand crib and changing table for 1/3 of the price that Babies R Us and local baby stores are charging. We also bought our mattress, changing pad, changing pad covers, and a crib toy there.

And, BabyCenter frequently has sales or your can look on Google for tons of coupon codes.

Mark asks…

I am looking for a safari Baby crib set the matches this boy bed set from target.?

This is the little boy bed spread
It needs to have some what the same colors and animals. I would like it 2 match but it doesnt have 2 be perfect! Thanks for the help!!!
its the 9th bedding!! thanks!!

The Expert answers:

The link you posted has 7 pages of bedding.

Target does have several different safari themed crib sets available.


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