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Carol asks…

Baby Girl Name Game! 10 points to most descriptive!!?

K so you have 8 baby girls!!

Baby 1:
First- a color (unique or simple)
Middle- month of the year

Baby 2:
First- a Greek mythology name
Middle- a type of tree or flower

Baby 3:
First- your dads mothers name
Middle- your moms mothers name

Baby 4:
First- a name starting with q, x, or z
Middle- a name ending with q, x, or z

Baby 5:
First- your best girl friends name
Middle- a guys name

Baby 6:
First- a unisex name
Middle- a name pertaining to outerspace

Baby 7:
First: a 4 letter name with 3 consonants and 1 vowel
Middle- quick! Make up a name you’ve never heard before in your life that’s solely and truly creative and unique only to you!

Baby 8:
First: your favorite name
Middle: a state in the U.S

BQ: pick a different surname for each one if you want to!!

1- Violet July Mardi
2- Hera Daisy Lukes
3- Yvonne LeAnn Shaylen
4- Zarie Alex Oliver
5- Victoria Ryder Grey
6- Jordan Venus Astrid
7- Layn Katalia Levigne
8- Scarlette Virginia Norchest

Have fun!!

The Expert answers:

1 – Ruby January – Love the colour ruby red and january is my birth month(who knows, maybe the babys too?)

2 – Aphrodite Willow – I love love, the idea of it, being in it. It gives hope and a little bit of love goes a long way. I also love the willow tree, so soft and sweeping. Makes me think peaceful.

3 – Constance Elizabeth (Connie) – Though I would prefer their middle names Margaret Ester (Maggie). To be used. Constance is just soo old fashioned.

4 – Zaali Angeleeq – This is quite an unusual name, but I do quite like it. Eventhough Angeleeq is spelt wrong, that just adds to it’s charm =)

5 – Caitlyn Blair – I love my girl Cait and Blair is a name i like for either a boy or girl (gossip girl anyone?)

6 – Rory Astro – I love Rory, and Astro is so different I actually fell in love with it when I found it just now.

7 – Emmy Melemkyme – Emmy is just so precious. Melemkyme is a name i made up in highschool. It was my 3 best friends at the time Melissa, Emma and Kym. The name is pronounced Mel-EM- khime

8 – Isabelle Dakota – I have loved isabelle forever and a day. And I love Dakota for a girls name =)

David asks…

What are some good DS games for a 10 year old girl?

My 10 year old cousin’s b-day is coming up, and im looking for a DS game for her. Shes kind of a girly-girl, and her favorite game is MY Baby Girl. She already has: Nintendogs (likes it), Hamsterz Life(Kind of likes it), Hannah Montana(hates it), Zoo tycoon(Like the PC one better) and build a bear(Likes it). She likes games with babies, already has Baby Pals, Imagine Babiez, and My baby girl.She only likes My Baby girl.And she LOVES animals.Any suggestions?
And not Animal crossing, She had to take that back because she didn’t like it.

The Expert answers:

Well, I’m not sure of any games with Babies,but for animals there’s:
Catz for Nintendo DS, Catz2, Animal Doctor, Animal Doctor By Imagine Games, Littlest Pet Shop just came out with a series of these games with different sets of animals. Hope I could help!

Betty asks…

QUICK BABY NAME GAME!!! 10 points for best answer!?

Here is a name game for you to play:

You have to come up with names, for twins, where their middle and first names both start with the same letter 🙂

Here is mine:

Twin 1 (boy) – Jaylen Jacob
Twin 2 (girl) – Selena Sophie

You can choose to do a set of twins with two boys, a set with two girls, or a set with one of each, like mine. Oh, and the names have to flow well together.

Have fun!!

P.S. If you like Baby Name Games like this one, try this one which I made up… it’s for cats!! Here’s the link..
Sorry, the link doesn’t seem to appear in the question, forget it.

The Expert answers:

Bella Brooke
Tyler Tate

Chase Cameron
Dylan Daniel

Madison Mae
Ava Alexandra


Laura asks…

Baby Name Game! Best Answer 10 points! :)?

You and __(insert husbands name)__ have been trying for a baby for 2 years and you find out on boxing day you are pregnant, 9 months later you have a little baby girl! Her first name is modern and her middle name is her granny’s name. Your baby girl is called ____.

When you daughter is 2 you find out you are pregnant again this time with a little boy! but there was a problem with the birth and your baby boy has to stay in hospital for extra support in his breathing. You want to name him something inspirational. Your baby boy is called ___.

Your daughter is now 4 and your son nearly 2. Your family and you go on hoilday, where do you go? ____.

When you come back you once again find out your pregnant, this time with twins!, You end up having 2 little healty boys, their middle names are something to do with your holiday. Your twin boys are called ____.

When your twins are 3 they have started playgroup, you decide you miss having a baby about, so you and your husband try once again, it takes you another year, you find out you are expecting triplets. You have 2 girls and a boy! Theres first names are traditional and middle names ahve got a family meaning. you name them ______.

You and your husband finally decide to get a bigger house. Where do you move? _____. How many bedrooms? _____

You have been in your new house for 2 years and you find out you are once again pregnant. You ahve decided that this will be your last baby. You end up with sextruplets (6 babys) what combination do you have and what do you call them?

Name your family 😀

let me know what you thought 😀

The Expert answers:

Shorty 2
Marco 2
Bert & Ernie
Marsha, Jan, Cindy, Greg, Peter & Bobby

I just had the time of my life. The things I do for pretty girls. Always get suckered.

George asks…

Baby Name Game 10000?

1. You are pregnant with twins (1 boy and 1 girl) name each after a character from the TV show The Office

2. Using your first and middle name think of a new name for a boy and a girl

3. Find a new and interesting way to spell these names

4. You are expecting octuplets (8, 4 boys 4 girls) name them all after characters from your favorite movies or TV shows (include the movie or Tv show)

5. You adopted twin boys from Africa. Rename them so their inticals are OX and QT

6.Your newborn identical quintuplet (5) have finally arrived. All of them have to have the inticals AL

7. Your 3 kids (2 boys and 1 girl) you want to name after countries.

8. Give your 6 kids (3 boys and 3 girls) The inticals of states
ex. TX=Texas

9. Make up a whole new name for your baby girl

10. Give your new son the first name and middle name that pops in your mind
For 7 I mean name your kids after countries
and for 9 I mean make up a completely new name that you have never heard of before.

The Expert answers:

Steve Michael & Jenna Pam

Boy – Ingeo
Girl – Ergia

Mitchill, Mitchyll, Mitchelle

Dan Homer (The Simpsons) boy
Billy Phillip (Futurama) boy
John Noah (ER) boy
Sanaa Alexa (Alien V Predator) girl
Danny Leonardo (Blood Diamond) boy
Barbra Hillary (Main Event) girl
Lea Lorraine (Back to the Future) girl
Isabel Nicole (Bewitched) girl

Owen Xavier & Quinn Tyler

Girl Quintuplets –
Amanda Louise
Amy Lalita
Ashley Larissa
Alexia Lucille
Amari Laney

Asia Noelle
Brazil (nickname Basil) Wyatt
Kenya (nickname Kenny) George

AL = Alabama, Ahliyah Lynn
CO = Colorado, Chritine Olivia
AL = Alaska, Aphrodieti Lacey
CA = California, Caleb Anthony
MA = Maine, Mitchell Axel
MA = Maryland, Michael Augustus

Lynnselle Jean

James Reagan

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