Your Questions About Baby Care

Betty asks…

How do you balance work and social life when you have your own business?

The Expert answers:

Ya…happens to me too.
But i manage to balance it…somehow.

Ruth asks…

How do I terminate a council owned property and with what speed can I do so?

The Expert answers:

You can do it today. My old Mum died and I just handed back the keys. They made sure her rent was up to date and that was that.
Talk to your Council.

Laura asks…

Is it ok to yell and scream at my sister for liking justin bieber?

The Expert answers:


Mary asks…

Can i be a rutgers cheerleader and a full time pharmacy student?

The Expert answers:

Yes, you should be able to fit that in your schedule. If things get busy, you can adjust one item to fit each thing in.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

Why is Jason Voorhees from halloween murders people and how did he become a murderer?

The Expert answers:

First off, Jason Voorhees is from Friday the 13th. Michael Myers is Halloween. 🙂

And Jason Voorhees was brutally bullied at Camp Crystal Lake as a kid and drowned while the camp counselors stood by and did nothing. So he returns to take revenge on anyone (predominantly camp counselors) who return to Crystal Lake. He didn’t appear until the sequel. His mother was the murderer in the original, attempting to seek vengeance for her son’s death. Jason seems to have 10,00 lives as he seems incapable of being killed and he normally returns to the lake at the end of each movie. 🙂

They are fantastic classic horror/slasher films! Enjoy!

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