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Mandy asks…

once again, my crazy fiance is up to his baby games?

so today i got two tattoos (my first ones ever) i got my sons newborn foot print, his name and DOB on my right ankle and then my first name and a tiny pink heart on top of my left foot.

for awhile now, i have been thinking i should get my sons tattoo (ever since i got pregnant i wanted this) but the name was something i wanted more recently. my fiance has no tattoos, and no piercings. i have my nose done and my bellybutton already, and now my two tattoos.

yesterday, i went to the parlor and they told me to come back today. i did and they tattooed me. last night my fiance said what did you do today and i said “i went down to spectrum and jarvie (the artist and also a friend of my brothers) said to come back today and he quoted me this price.” my fiance stopped me in the middle of my sentence and said “not to be mean but i don’t care. i don’t wanna here what your up to b/c its stupid.” i was like whatever ok. then today i said i’m going down to spectrum today and he said whatever your stupid if you do. i don’t wanna hear bout this.

so i went, got my 2 tats and came home. they were still bandaged when he got home. he saw my foot first and said “what happened there are u ok?” i said yea its just my tat. well he said OMG i cannot believe you actually got 1. and i said i got two. do you wanna see them and he said no keep those away from me. he left the room and has been huffy ever since. he said idk y you insisted on getting those stupid things. its a waste of time and money.

i used my own money to get these and i don’t see where he thinks that he has the right to grant or deny permission for what i want to do w/ my body. i told him “if you think there so stupid, then the only thing you can do is not get any yourself and not let any kids we have get any until they are 18.”

but he said w/ every tat or piercing i get it makes me uglier and uglier. it really iced the cake when i layed down with him and he said “good night.” and turned away. i said whats wrong n he said im tired. don’t feel like doing anything.

i said cuz of the tats huh and he said yep. and fell asleep.

how can i solve these baby games he plays? he tried to pull that ” you knew i would react negetivly so its your fault” card but i said just cuz i knew you’d be a a$$ dont mean you should or have a right too. he said it does to and to shut up.
i stay with him cuz i love him. why would i invent a son w/ pictures and everything, ask questions about him and everything if i wasnt really in this family or a real person.

i have awesome times w/ my man. he is good to me just sometimes immature. im sorry you think these stories are far fetched but thats my life. i wish i didnt hafta ask things and advice bout this kinda thing.
i would be upset yes but my fiances body is his own and i would support what ever he wanted to do w/ it cuz to be honest, aside from cheating, his body and what he does to it is none of my business and vice versa
i did not take money away from shit. i used my own money that i had saved up that had nothing to do w/ our family. we are fine w/o me saving to get something like that. thats like saying dont save to get a new shirt or something. why would you answerer two, be mad at something your hubby did to his own body? his body isnt your business.
i mean mommy of three, why would you judge your hubby in that way
i have got my son most of what he needs! i got the nursery furniture and diapers until recently. formula is taken care of also. i did not take a bunch of needed
4 and galavant off for tattoos. i saved here and there and got a good price cuz i knew the guy.
its in N&B cuz i like most of the ppl here.

raven, just b/c you agree tats and piercings are dumb does not make it ok to be rude to some1.

The Expert answers:

Honestly hun, ignore his immaturity. If you like them, that’s all that matters. Like you said, you saved up money so you were able to afford them along with your other everyday expenses. It’s your body, not his. So really, your opinion about them matters the most.
He’s being sulky about them right now but he’ll get over it eventually. Just wait it out and he’ll get back to his old self again, even with your new tattoos. Your tattoos have meaning to you so don’t let him make you think any less of them.
Good luck, I hope he gets over this sooner rather than later 🙂

Sharon asks…

Baby name game!! (lots of kids!) +BQ!?

If you can, post a link to a picture for each child.

***One rule: All children’s middle names have to be after either a relative or someone special to you.***

1) You finally marry your childhood sweetheart after years of ups and downs. You’ve dealt with all your problems and your are stronger and more in love than ever. What is his name and what does he look like?

2) You’re settled, and ready for a baby, it doesn’t take long and pretty soon you are pregnant. It’s a fairly easy pregnancy, she’s born 4 weeks premature but she’s doing well. What do you name her?

3) She’s 5 months old and you find out you’re pregnant again, you’re excited though, ‘cos you’re loving motherhood and you always wanted children close together, It’s an easy pregnancy, and your gorgeous little boy was born on his due date exactly. What’s his name?

4) A couple of years go by and you decide you’re ready for another. You find out you’re expecting twins. Fraternal girls. They’re born at 32 weeks and spend a month in hospital, but they’re healthy. They’re names cannot begin with the same letter and cannot rhyme. What do you call them?

5) The twins are nearly 4 and they’re due to start school, you decide that now is a good time to start trying again as you feel your family is incomplete and both you and your husband always wanted a big family. You’re pregnant again, with another girl. What is she called?

6) A year later and some anniversary fun means you are pregnant again. Finally a brother for _________. He’s totally gorgeous but looks very different to his brother. What’s he called?

7) Your baby boy is just coming up to a year old when a close relative passes away.They have two children, a boy and a girl, aged 4 and 2, you choose to adopt them as otherwise they would be put into care. These two have the same beautiful eyes and they have the same amount of letters in their first name. What are their names? (the middle name rule doesn’t apply here)

8) Your youngest son has started school and you really miss having children around all the time, so you try for another, it takes a little longer than usual to get pregnant but finally you find out you’re expecting a boy. He’s a real cutie, and looks just like his dad. What’s his name?

9) All your children love that they have siblings close in age to them, because it means they always have someone to play with or talk to, but you realise that your baby doesn’t, so you decide to try for one more to complete your family. You get triplets! They’re GGB and the girls are identical. Once again the names cannot be too similar and cannot begin with the same letter. What do you name them?

So you have 12 children, the big family you always wanted. Life is hectic but you love it and you wouldn’t have it any other way 😀

BQ: Add any other details, for example, bedrooms, personalities, the house you live in, future occupations. Anything you can think of, add it.
Sorry I know it’s long but I was bored. Hopefully it conquers your boredom too 🙂 xx

The Expert answers:

1. Carson Rylan, and he’s handsome with dark hair and pretty eyes

2. Annabelle Faith

3. Lucas Wesley

4. Reiley Jane and Emma Renee

5. Isabel Victoria
(1 year old)

6. Kael Isaac

7. Alex Jaxson and Nico Samuel

8. Carter Joel

9. Gracelyn Maria, Jillian Finley, Mitchell Xavier
(7 years old)

Sandra asks…

How do we get more kids in our home child care?

My best friend & I love kids/babies & seeing their minds working & them being creative without a tv/puter. We ourselves are so creative & have tons of ideas. So we decided to have child care in our apartment. So far a 10 month old (who we knew already) is in our care 3 days a week. We are not licenced or anything & found out with 5 kids or less we don’t have to be. Nicole’s friend’s son’s day care centre they play, eat & sleep. With us we don’t plan to have a huge rutien (ecept morning circle), but we will always have crafts, games, group activities, story time, music, baking & more when we are not on an outing (about 3 days a week). Stories before naps are a given, but we know that flexiblity is important in learning & so is seeing the world. We put ads online in about 5 places & on posts/bus stops around us. But we’re not getting any bites (as Nicole calls them). We have more to offer than a lot of people with ece or/and a lience. Our ideas for teaching/learning are endless.
I guess I should let people know that we live in Ontario in Canada. Also we have been doing things with kids since we were 13 & now we’re 23 & 24. We have both been taking different cpr & first aid courses all through middle & high school & even after that. We both have done the school day care centre voleentering thing & kindergarten co-op placements in high school. I have also had a placement in a gym day care & nicole did a hotel day care & we babysit. We’re the type of people that our families dump the babies/kids on when we get together for holidays like easter, chirstmas, thanksgiving, etc. I think being licensed might be a thing to look into but we’re just worried about not passing laws (something stupid like having a bucket beside a toilet instead of under a sink, just making that up, but you get the idea). With no lincese we don’t have someone coming & telling us this or that is wrong because there is less rules. But I see there is good in having one.

The Expert answers:

Well…get a license…

Robert asks…

Do you need high quality educational books for your babies and kids?

I’m an Usborne Educational Consultant and I can recommend high quality products for your child’s specific needs. Just email me at, and check out my site at We have tons of specials -fiction, non-fiction, craft kits, games, and a new program called “Your Baby Can Read”. Just inquire for more info. Take care, Andrea in NJ.

The Expert answers:

Was that a question or an ad??? Anyway , the answer is no, not any specific books, but any book the child is interested in,, that has pictures of colors or things you can contrast and compare,,,,

David asks…

Mothers, How Often does Your Husband Help With The Kids?

hey. just curious other mothers out there, how often does your husband/partner help you out with the babies/kids. i have two young kids. a baby and a toddler. and i feel like i do every thing. i understand he works all day. and i stay home and watch the kids, but that is a lot of work in itself. my kids are little handfuls lol. and i need a little me time once in awhile for my sanity. i do every thing. i clean the house, i cook all the meals. i do every thing for the kids, change them, feed them, play with them, keep them out of mischief, put them to bed at night, wake up in the middle of the night with the baby. i get so exhausted and tired. my husband might help a little sometimes. like hold the baby while i make dinner or some thing. or maybe play with my daughter for a few minutes. but then he wants to go back to his video games and just rest and be left to himself, and i have to watch and be in charge of the kids and every thing. and that’s ok. its just he gets snappy with me whenever i ask him if he could help me with something. like to maybe change a diaper. i just get frustrated at times that he isn’t that helpful. and every one keeps telling me that i need to just suck it up, cuz he works hard all day, and he shouldn’t have to help. i understand that, and i love taking care of my kids, but i get stressed out sometimes and could use a little break. is this normal if you are a stay at home mom to take care of the kids fully 24/7 with no help from your husband. what do you think?

The Expert answers:

Since when should a husband and father be “helping” with the kids? It should just be second nature to them. A person should not have to ask for him to be a father to his kids, nor should they be begged to “babysit” their own kids.

My husband scoops our toddler up in his arms as soon as he walks through the door. After that, it’s all about her. Even on his days off, he takes initiative and plays with her, changes her, brushes her teeth, baths her…basically, if he sees that she has a need that has meeting, he goes over and above it if he notices it before I do.

If I notice she needs something like a diaper change before he does and I’m busy, he has no problem changing her. But if he notices first, he’ll just change her. I never have to ask him to help out with anything. He’s hands on even though he works full time and I’m a stay at home mother.

No, no help from your husband even though you are a SAHM is NOT normal, IMO. I mean yes, there are things that I do more often than he does, like get up with her if she’s sick in the night since I don’t have to get up in the morning to work and he does, but he definitely does what he can without complaint from him or begging from me.

EDIT: And also, my husband works full time an hour away. So his work day starts at 5am when he has to get out of bed, leaves by 6am, then travels an hour to work. I did that same schedule with the same long drive for about a week when I worked and I couldn’t imagine doing it every day for years and years. Just the drive twice a day alone is exhausting…yet his still manages to involve himself. He has told me many times he wishes he could be a stay at home dad, but he makes more money than I ever could.

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