Your Questions About Baby Care

Daniel asks…

Real care baby Does it record what you say and does it have a camera?

Does the real care baby record what you say? Does it also have a camera or something?

The Expert answers:

No. They baby doesn’t have a camera or a recorder. It is smart, but not that smart. Just be sure to treat it the way you would treat a real baby.

Steven asks…

Are there Free Baby Care Workshops or Classes?

I’m looking for Classes or Workshops about baby care (baby care basics, breastfeeding, infant CPR, how to install car seats properly) anything I can find. I found several but all the ones I find are the ones you have to pay for. Does anyone know of anywhere that I can take some classes for free. I am willing to pay but I still want to see if I can get some for free. It’s my first baby so I don’t really know much about all this so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The Expert answers:

Yes!:) call your local hospital, and/or county health department, and maybe even the local department of human resources, theyll be able to give you the parenting classes and any other classes that your interested in they may offer4:) im sure theyll be able to help u out:) also you could call 1 800 PALS i think that s the number, that offers things like that too……..good luck!

Ken asks…

are baby care also avalable for one day only?

I am a house wife and I have a 20 month old baby. We are looking for a baby care/ child care just for one day for 4-5 hours because we have to go somewhere for one day where babies are not allowed.

The Expert answers:

Ask a trusted family member or friend it would be much easier.

Robert asks…

What months clothes will fit a real care baby?

I am going to have the real care baby for four days but I was wondering what size clothes do you think will fit it?

The Expert answers:

0 to 3 months should do fine for the doll. It may not be exact, but it should work.

Maria asks…

How do you feed Real Care Baby 2?

So, my friend and I are taking care of a Real Care Baby 2. It’ll start crying and screaming and such, but we put the bottle up to it’s lips and it won’t start drinking. We’ve tried everything and if we rock it, it stops crying after a few minutes. What should we do?

The Expert answers:

Make sure the sensor on your bracelet chimes on the babies back first. Nothing will work if you dont do that first. Rocking it might work since your arm is right there.

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