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Linda asks…

quick q about babies r us (uk)?


iv been looking at some items on thier website and as im one of these that ALWAYS buys in store im not 2 great at all the online shopping lol.

anyway, some of the things i want are ‘out of stock’ and it says the item is no longer availiable through thier direct service

for example:

does this mean that they have stopped doing it completely? or will they have more in stock in the future?
if not any ideas where else i can buy the things i want?

sorry if this seems a little stupid lol xx

thanks for ur help ladies xx

The Expert answers:

Hey hun x I was in my local Toys R Us / Babies R Us on Monday just gone and I picked this curly toy up to have a look at!

I think it all it means that the item is no longer available online but you can still purchase in store. If they don’t have it in stock at your local store then perhaps they maybe able to do a store transfer and get one delivered to store from another store x

Hope this helps x
Hope you’re well hun ♥♥

William asks…

Where do you shop for baby clothes?

I’m in the UK. 80% of what I buy is from Asda and Matalan then occasionally Next and Pumpkin Patch.
She’s nearly 1 and needs 12 – 18 months clothes, where I usually go hasn’t got very much at the moment so I went to Next and bought 3 lovely outfits.
Where do you go and do you use online stores?

The Expert answers:

I get a lot of things from eBay, but if I am buying, my favourite is H&M because their stuff is a little unusual and they have a great selection of colours that suit my son – he virtually lives in this little bright turquoise long sleeve I got from there, the colour really suits him. I also find their sizing fits him the best as he is very very slim and a lot of their stuff has the adjustable waist tabs.

I go to Next in the sales but I also love the supermarket stuff – Sainburys is very good, I like Asda too.

I popped into Primark this week and got him a couple of bits, so cheap and very cute.

I keep meaning to go to Matalan when I see the stuff my friends buy but I haven’t got around to going yet!

We got gifted stuff from Pumpkin Patch and I loved it – that fitted him very well too.

He has an awful lot of excellent quality hand me downs from my partner’s friend – thats a lot of the designers at debenhams stuff – John Rocha, Jasper Conran etc – nice but I wouldn’t splash out on it myself unless for an occasion.

Oh and online – yes I use Verbaudet – its a branch of la redoute – they always have promo codes so you can grab real bargains, I absoloutely adore their dungarees so my son has some to grow into aswell!

George asks…

reborn doll shops UK?

i’d like to know if anyone knows of an actual reborn doll shop or shop that sells supplies to make reborns (life like babies) in the UK… i know of the ones on ebay, but i’d like to know if there is a place i can actually go to instead of buying online

The Expert answers:

has a good list of resources is a non ebay shop.
I hope you find what you are looking for

Nancy asks…

Becoming a UK distributor for US product. Help!?

I contacted the creator of a kids travel product in the US regarding becoming a UK agent with exclusive distribution rights for their product in the UK.
The woman who owns the product e-mailed stating that she has a UK distributor already but passed on my e-mail to her to see if we could work to “help each other”.
On receiving the e-mail from the UK distributor, my feelings that her own experience of selling this product were not going well (based on the ominous sounding suggestion of helping each other) were confirmed.
The “UK” distributor lives in Europe, not UK, and sent me the following e-mail suggesting that she is no longer actively promoting it:
“I have had the product for about 18 months…sold about 2,000 units…believe it can sell more but I have struggled with 2 big stores. I have been speaking to various people in those two stores for over a year….now email and they just do not answer.
I attended ******** fair last year where I made quite a few contacts, some ordered and then even though I contacted them after they never came back. I have retailers who do buy from me regularly. I have tried and retried wholesalers who also never get back to you even though I cut my margin right down to make it attractive for them….made the decision this year to concentrate on the smaller retailer and ran out of stock so I couldn’t do what I was planning to do.
I think things are still quite difficult and people are being very careful about new products, even though I don’t insist they commit to large quantities.
If you are still interested in promoting the product and can think of how we might work together, I would be more than happy to chat about it. What is important to remember is the margins and the price it is in the market.
So as a Distributor I would look at making 20 – 25% on the cost price including shipping and duty, the retailer will want to make 40- 50% at least and on top of that is VAT at 20%, the market price for the product is £17.99 – £21.99. So to employ someone sell to the big stores you would have to give some of the margin away, and on 20 – 25% there is not much there to give away.
However, it all becomes more economic on volume so that is something to think about – so as I said if you think there is a way we can work together – lets chat about it. It will have to be by e-mail as I live in ****.”

The product is not stocked in any major stores in the UK but is a must have travel product for parents with young children – for their sanity! lol. So I know it can sell big. From what I have learned, it is available to UK buyers only online from US sources and from the “UK distributor” who sells it on her online shop based in Europe where she lives. It is not marketed in Britain, to my knowledge.
My idea was to source a sales rep with experience in the baby industry to pitch the product to major retailers and pay them a commission.
I know this product will compliment other products stocked by the retailers that I have in mind, but I now do not know if I have any real options here. I have absolutely no experience of sales so this is all very new to me and I really need advice on how to approach the distributor in reply to the e-mail she sent to me. How would I work with her? Would I get stock from her? Would she want me to pay her for me doing all the leg work in the UK? I don’t want to ask all of these things as I would like a second opinion on the e-mail first and it also appears that she’s waiting for me to approach her with an idea for how to increase her sales.
My concern is that I give her my ideas and then never hear from her again so what is the 1st step?
She is clearly not doing the product justice and I may not have the experience, but have worked hard over the last few days (when I 1st thought an item like that would be handy! lol) researching the best way to sell this product, who and how to sell it to and having no experience, of course I would be delighted to work with someone who has more experience than I do, but I’m not sure what to say in reply to her e-mail.

The Expert answers:

You are right to be cautious as it seems that from the U.S to the distributor in Europe there seems to be a lack of communication. The creator in the states thinks her distributor is in the UK?

However it seems that you have done your research and i admire your enthusiasm towards selling the product. The first thing i would do is see how much actual interest is in the market. You are basing your actions on instinct which is a good start but before you dive in see if there is the substantial demand.

You should do the approaching yourself, make plenty of calls to the retailers and see if you can get an appointment to pitch your idea. It wont be easy but don’t be disheartened you have to persist

It wont be easy at first but you need to get out there, once you have interest you can make a sound approach to a potential sales person.

This will also give you more confidence in your decision making about the product and the future potential earnings.

Darren Turner
Managing Director

Midlands Consulting Centre

Joseph asks…

baby black leggings? where?

i’m looking for some black or dark coloured baby leggings 3-6 months. can anyone suggest where to get these online or in shops in the uk.

The Expert answers:

Myleene Klass has a range at Mothercare called Baby K, they had black leggings there last time I went in.

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