Your Questions About Baby Care

Donna asks…

Whats the best baby crib you can buy for the lowest price?

Some cribs have been recalled. Which is the safest with the best price?

The Expert answers:

Your best bet is to go to or they have them priced low to high I bought one that converted to a toddler bed for my first born and it was 150.00 at the time and mattresses run from 30.00 and up

Paul asks…

Do you know any recall websites?

Do any of you know what websites to go to for recalled items? Like baby toys/cribs?
I don’t understand how there are so many thumbs down, this isn’t even an opinionated question!

The Expert answers:

Consumer reports. and they also have a magazine

Lizzie asks…

simplicity crib recall question?

I just received a baby crib from a friend. It’s a simplicity crib and looks exactly like the one that has been recalled. It doesn’t have a model # and I don’t have a receipt. What can I do? Can I take it to wal mart or somewhere to receive a credit from Simplicity so I can buy a different crib?

The Expert answers:

All of Simplicty’s drop-side cribs have been recalled, maybe even all there products I’m not sure.
Anyway, the company no longer exists so they won’t do anything for you. You can try Walmart, they may give you store credit.

Thomas asks…

Help Recalled baby crib?

ok today my brother told me that my daughters crib was recalled, so what do i do, do i get money back for it, idk my friend bought and gave it to me and we have no receite so help!!!

The Expert answers:

If it is recalled, you don’t need the receipt. As long as you know where your friend bought it from, just take it back. They can not refuse to take it back, as it is a danger to your baby.
They should give you a full refund.

Ruth asks…

How to you recoup your money when there is a recall on your childs crib?

Ok so I bought my crib and my baby is only 2 weeks old and now her crib is being recalled. I have a bassinet that she can sleep in for now. I just want to know if there is any way to get my money I spent on the crib back with out a reciept?

The Expert answers:

It depends on the type of recall – some recalls require that you contact the manufacturer and get parts to repair the crib . . . If it is a total product recall than any major retailer (Babies R Us etc . . . ) should take it back if they sold that product without a receipt.

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