Your Questions About Baby Care

Robert asks…

How to find babysitting jobs & how much to charge?

I’m 20 and a nursing student, and I’d love to start babysitting again – long story short, I loved it when I was little and it’d be great with my current schedule. So, question: when I was 12 I only charged $3 but it seems I should be able to charge a little more now, right? And more importantly how do I find jobs? Other than asking my friends who have kids, which I’ve already started doing. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

About 5 to 7 dollars per hour is a good sure that you are cpr and first aid certified. Be sure to know if the kids have special needs like medical conditions and can either post your ad here or look for possible jobs. Just google ownadaycare on the net

Maria asks…

How do I get more babysitting jobs?

I need 80 bucks per month to pay for my iPhone I’m getting, so I need more ways to get babysitting jobs. Thank you!!
Um, DUH DUH DUH I’ve taken the babysitting class. I took that when I was like twelve.

The Expert answers:

Ask for referrals from the people you sit for now
Take a red cross babysitting class, put that credential on a flyer and pass them around

Nancy asks…

How long are usuall babysitting jobs?

im 14. and im gonna babysit 3 kids for a couple of extra bucks. i live in bellevue, WA (next to seattle) and my parents won’t let me babysit later than 9:00 PM. and there’s this job that’s until 11:30. my parents aren’t convinced. can anyone else help me convince them? how long are usuall babysitting jobs for teens?

The Expert answers:

I’ve babysat until 1 am when i was about 12.

George asks…

How can I get babysitting jobs?

I’m twelve yrs old and I live in the country and have no neighbors how can I get babysitting jobs?

The Expert answers:

Go to stores and talk to people there. Ask the managers. Ask the employees, ask your relatives, ask people that seem like they need some help.

Mark asks…

How do I find babysitting jobs?

i live in the country(no little kids next door). How do I find babysitting jobs? I am 14 btw.
I only have experience on my little sister.
Andthere really isnt many neighbor hoods..
I am CPR trained and I took a babysitting class.

The Expert answers:

Check out local churches, YMCA or gyms. Take some free classes from your local Red Cross and get certified in CPR and first aid. Once you have these certifications, you can put them on your application. When the people who attend these facilities and their functions know you are honest and trustworthy, then you can rely on word of mouth.

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