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Donna asks…

Baby Shower Present Ideas?

So my sister is having a baby in october and her baby shower is in august. I am throwing the shower. So far all ive gotten as my present is clothes and bibs. Since I am the only aunt I want to have a really great present, something my sister will love. But not too expensive im thinking under $100.

Any ideas on something unique i could do with the clothes and bibs ive already gotten her? maybe like a giant gift basket?

Here are the things she already has:
changing table
high chair
car seat
diaper bag

any ideas on something unique and inexpensive that i can give as a present?

The Expert answers:

How about a diaper cake? You could look on Youtube for how to make one. I think they are really nice & very practical. The diapers from mine lasted me well over a month. It was 3 layers and stuffed with all sorts of goodies (lotions, baby wash, butt paste, spoons, socks, hair bows..etc)!

Daniel asks…

Looking for PERFECT baby shower gift?

Hello. My best friend of 9 years is pergnant and due around december. I was wondering what a good baby shower gift would be? I want it to be special, from the heart and something that would be REALLY useful. I know her parents are getting her the big stuff like the crib and all that. Shes 23.. I have never had kids before so im not sure at all what to get her. Like i said preferably something she will need, use, and LOVE! Please any suggestions will help! My moms getting her the babys first pictures. And i dont want to spend too much, (under 100.00) so please help me! Thank you

The Expert answers:

Get her one of those little vibrating chairs there really great and around 40 to 75 bucks and there great for both mom and baby they sooth the baby and they give the mom a break

Donald asks…

Should I do all of it or just half?

(I know it’s long but please her-me out)Here is it from my position, by the way we go to a private school that has a two month summer vacation so we are still in school. Your 14 year old daughter just got expelled for the third time, she cusses at teachers and hits people. I thought if I made her look like a baby, eat like a baby, watch TV like a baby and basically be a baby she ought to behave. (I know it’s long but please her-me out) So I told her she is getting a hair “trim” tomorrow but is getting her head shaved except for a the little tail of hair she had on the back of her neck when she was a baby. Then we will go shopping for diapers, baby powder lotions etc, baby toys, pacifiers, stroller, crib, nightlight, XXXXXL changing area, baby car seat, teething ring, puppets, play pen, baby formula, and a baby bottle. After the second night of her baby life I will hire a babysitter to watch baby Erica for the night while I spend my time with my girls. (I am single)I will block out all the TV channels but nick Jr and all the other baby channels. I will spoon feed her and pretend to throw out all her furniture but I’m actually putting it in a storage home, then in two years when her punishment is over she will get it back. She will have me put her diapers on and can only shave under her arms and her pubes considering she will be strolled around in a diaper and a plain colored tee for five year olds. I will give her puppet shows and she will continue with her school but will go in her baby attire. She is permitted to wear a wig over her scalp but then as soon as we get in the car remove it from her bald head. The crib will replace her bed, she is basically getting a room makeover except it will be called the nursery. The car seat she will use andn will not sit up in the front seat anymore. The pacifier is for her to suck on. She will not use the teething ring it is there to look like she is a baby. This is NOT a false story. It is true. 100% true. Not a flase word in it.

I love her with all my heart, I really do, if you were looking through my eyes and you knew how much I loved her you wouldn’t thinkt here is anything here. But I want your oppinion SHOULD I DO IT ALL??. There are two things I am required to do, shave her bald (I don’t want to waste $40.94) and diaper her. I really do love her. It’s for the best.

The Expert answers:


Lisa asks…

Has anyone tried the Breathing Monitors?

I want to get one but they are 100 dollars.. I dont want to get suckered into somethin that doesnt even work.. or has like a million false alarms.. im not trying to wake up more times in the middle of the night than i already do. Also… the ones that go under the mattress: what happens if the baby starts out in one part of the crib and moves to the other part? does it still detect her breathing? does anyone know where to get the ones that clip onto the diaper? thats the one i would be more interested in, but i cant find it anywhere…. tell me what you know! 🙂 thanks.

The Expert answers:

Can I ask why you need a breathing monitor? If it is because you want to prevent SIDS, don’t waste your money. SIDS cannot be prevented or detected. If it is because your child has an apnea problem, that is all together different.

Steven asks…

Child Support & Custody Grief, I dont know where this is going, But Im going crazy!?

Well too start, I am trying to get child support from my babies father, its been in the making and taken this long to get the paper work in order i dont know why, and he finally recieved papers asking for his tax information or pay stubs for the last 3 of them, So they can get his gross income and decide the federal amount off of that. This is so far being done by a family support worker, as an “Out of court agreement” which is still legal, the same as it would be if a judge ordered it, however my Ex doesnt have to agree, he doesnt agree, it goes too Court and filed with them and then I support a judge determines this.

First of all he wants too pay, But he “wishes, i just ask him for x amount of dollars and he will send it”. I dont feel comfortable for this, and I havent asked for money yet. He does pay for my cell phone bill but has done this since before our baby was born (since april 09) I did tell the family support worker this, and She said it doesnt count because its under his name and he can cancel it at any moment, and its mostly so he can get a hold of me whenever he wants too and find out about our son ect which is true. I do pay him when I go over.

And other when we have spent a week here or there in the past at his place is the only time he has paid for anything which would only be in formula, some clothes and toys. not that many since his parents have given him money right after which reimbursed him of any money he spent, I also said that he has done this in being completely honest. She also said this does not count because they are considered gifts and he is just providing our babies basic needs.

He never paid for anything we bought in the begining, breast pump, crib, car seat, high chair, tub, ect hasnt bought diapers his mother has thus far. And ive paid for everything else including circumcision that he wanted which was (500) *my parents paid for it for him ..

needless to say Only One time did money exhchange hands and it was to reimburse me for paying for a train ticket for myself and his son so he could spend time with him, and save money on his lease by not going over KM ect.. *and was cheaper then driving the 8hrs*

WEll I find out and he doenst know this, but he has asked his mother to get a lawyer, and the lawyer has informed him not too send any of his information to them yet until he looks into it. What the hell is there for him too look into?? HIs names on the birth certificate, ive let him spend any amount of time hes wanted with him since he started coming around which wasnt until our son was 3 weeks old.

I want to go for custody After child support is done, BUt I have a feeling This lawyer is going too try to get him out of this… I Almost feel like he should have to PAY MOre child support why

he doesnt pay rent, his mother pays his 1200 month condo, He doenst pay heat/hydro, water ect…..he pays cell phone bills, internet, car lease,& insurance, food. he wastes his money on games, gadgets ect

(hes going on 25) Shes paying for this lawyer, and he said he was speaking with her because he can not afford this, So she WILL be paying for the money hes ordered to pay…………..
I feel really bad and She really needs to stop because he has NO responsibility because of this.. Also his father gives him 500 a month, and He just started a new job making 3.59 more an hr….
Which by the guidlines will be an additional 100 a month I BELIEVE, from what he is sending in since its his old job (hes only worked 3 days now)

IF he makes this go through the court, COuld he possibly be made to pay more since he doesnt have any actual expenses??He has no debt because of me but about 1000 from an ex gf that he wasted money On and bought things for. But nothing from me or his son……

Also, I want sole custody, Our relationship personally is over from cheating ect, and poor communication so I wont be going with our son to see his father, whcih means he will maybe get too see him once a month unless he books more time d off, and until hes older I dont want him gone more then a couple to 3 days because he is only 6 months old……

Would I get SOle custody?? *yes he still gets access* im not trying to deny that at all…. But he is with me 3/4 of the time nad even when he wasnt I was there with him and his father.

I think they will try and fight this, He lives alone im living with my parents, and finishing my certificate for college online and watching our son, then plan to be working this summer, then going back to college too upgrade some more, he lives alone, his mother leaves an hour from me, which is still 4 hours from him, he only has his father which is still working for another few months,and he is in his late 50’s (not that there isnt anything wrong with that) but he cant even carry our son who is only 15 lbs it throws out his back, he has no support and he works 12hr shifts and its an hour to get to work and back, So he goes hom
First off I never said there is was a pay check, Its my child, and Ive never asked for a pay check so dont act like im some gold digger. Ive waited for him to pay for things hes hasnt, Ive spent easily 2grand on him not counting what my parents have spent on him, Hes spent nothing but food for him when we;ve been at his house, and to
*Liz*, I never said this about him, I was on birth control and he wore a condom, the condom broke, and well I ended up being in that small percentage and ended up with a baby, I ended up with two fetuses actually, One was growing ovary, extremly rare, and I had to be monitored and waited luckily it stopped growing because I was being booked to have my left ovary completely removed, It was at 3 months before this happened, and by then I had no choice BUT TO continue the pregnancy. Not that I dont LOVE my son to death I do, and I wouldnt trade him for anything, But dont pretend to comment rude and unncessary things when you dont know ANYTHING about the sit.

The Expert answers:

Where do you live?…what state?…girlfriend i have alot to tell you depending on what state you are in…as far as the sole custody is concerned …you wont get it unless he agrees to it…it seems you are very naive and inexperienced…you are in for a real bumpy ride…you need to contact me via email so i can explain in detail what you can do for you and your baby’s benefit…but to answer all your questions..yeah he should pay more…way more! And you know what? Who cares if his parents want to pay for his child support? Why should you care as long as it gets paid and helps you out, and is legit from your end…and last but not least you need to determine custody first before child support..cuz support will go to whomever has custody of the baby….but either way you need to be careful cuz he just might want sole custody himself…be careful and get resourceful..find out as much info as possible…good luck girl!

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