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Donna asks…

Does anyone know of any fun babyshower games?

My sister is expecting twins and my mom and I are throwing her a babyshower. what games should we play?

The Expert answers:

YES!!! I went 2 my moms friend baby shower and they had a contest who could wrap someone in toilet paper like a diper!

Sharon asks…

What are some babyshower games (its a boy!)?

We need some ideas for babyshower games the theme is “Its a Boy” we have a word search, a word scramble and a note box to leave comments or notes. If you can help it would be great.

The Expert answers:

Baby food tasting game: Buy 10 jars of baby food. Provide a list of the 10 flavors. Cover the jars with foil and write a number on the side of each jar. Give everyone a plastic spoon, paper plate, and paper and pencil. Pass around each jar of baby food and have players drop a spoonful and write the number next to it. Get them to taste the samples and try to identify each flavor on the list. Remove the foil to reveal the answers. Try sweet potato as a ‘hard to guess’ option. Get the camera out to record some great faces!

Waisteline mommy: Get a roll of ribbon. Mother-to-be stands in the middle and each guest has to estimate the circumference of Mommy’s waist and cut a length of ribbon to match her waist measurement. Measure Mom’s waist and compare to each ribbon. The closest length wins.

Diaper duty: Fill 10 diapers with different smelly products e.g.chilli sauce, baby lotion, chocolate, beer ..etc… Give each guest a pen and paper and pass the little diapers around and have each guest sniff them and write down the source of each smell. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins.

Baby pictures: Give each guest a paper plate and a crayon. Get them to place the plate on top of their heads and draw a baby. Everyone votes for the best picture. Even harder, have them draw a baby wearing a diaper… I still have all of mine and they are fun to look at, Have everyone sign their name on it when they are done~

Diaper bag? :Place ten baby products each in a paper bag. Staple the bags shut and number them. Pass the bags around and get guests to right down the bags’ contents. The one who gets the most right wins

Delivery day: Create a list of baby statistics to give to each guest at the start of the Baby Shower Party and collect as they leave. Questions such as: baby’s weight? Color of hair? Date of birth? Time of birth? Sex ? Once the baby is born, send the guest with the most correct answers a gift!

Hope these help they are all fun! Congardualtions and goodluck!!!

Joseph asks…

What are good babyshower games to play?

I am throwing a baby shower for a friend and need some good baby shower game ideas. I don’t have a lot of time to prepare and I prefer not too spend too much money on the games, but rather gifts for the newcomer. It is going to be a group of about 8 guests and they are all female. Any ideas would be great!

The Expert answers:

– Yarn game, use a piece of yarn to measure how big around mama’s belly is. Whoever is closest wins.

– Tray game with toys and baby items – pass around a tray with 20-40 baby items. THen take the tray out ofthe room, guests write down what they remembered from the tray, whoever has the most wins.

– scrambeled baby word game. Scramble a bunch of baby words and set a timer to see how many they can unscramble correctly.

– Then there’s the poopy diaper candybar melt game…. Take some diapers, and melt different kind of candybar in each one, it will look like poop. They have to try and guess what kind of candybar is melted in each diaper.

Paul asks…

What are some new babyshower games?

My sister is expecting a baby and my mother and I are planning a shower for her. What are some new ideas for babyshowers. She’s having a boy.
* I already know of baby bingo, dress the baby, guess how much candy is in the jar, don’t say the word “baby”

New Ideas!

The Expert answers:

Ohhh this one is so fun. You mix in a big bowl, hard rice and little safety pins. Then, each person gets blindfolded and has to try to find the most safety pins. Sounds easy, but blindfolded, you cant feel the difference in the rice and pins! Its really fun. The time is set usually for one minute. Also, buying a few jars of baby food, taking off the labels, and having everyone guess what flavor it is. Good luck! Oh and another one, have everyone cut off a piece of string they think measures around the pregnant ladys belly. Always interesting!

David asks…

What r some good and fun babyshower games?

so far i have 2 taste the diaper ( u melt different chocolates in a diaper and they have to guess which kind it is. LOL!!) and the other one is to see who can finish the baby bottle first. i don’t want any writing games. it takes to much time. thanks.

The Expert answers:

Well my mom for me folded all the napkins into diapers and one of them had mustard stain in it and whoever got that one got a prize, but that is the only one i can remember.

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