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Mandy asks…

What are the main differences between the San Diego and Los Angeles areas?

The Expert answers:

San Diego is very laid back. Nicer people, cleaner air, cleaner city. LA is all crammed, way too many people, and generally a place that i don’t like to go. It’s so polluted. Once i thought i saw a building on fire, but it was just smog. The freeways in LA are stop and go. Especially during rush hour.

Carol asks…

What to study and what do i need like materials for selective enrollment test?

The Expert answers:

I’m taking the exam too this year (: I found this site that tells you more or less what’s on there, I suggest you look up quizzes and such online on areas you might need more help on to practice, or better yet ask a teacher if you can come in the morning or afternoon for some tutoring, I’m sure they’ll be more than willing to help you n_n

Also, all you’ll really need to bring with you is 2 #2 pencils, have you gotten your letter yet for your test date ?

Sharon asks…

Why does such a large proportion of the US military support and donate to Ron Paul?

The Expert answers:

War must be declared otherwise the troop morale will be low. The reason? The troops will know that the country is behind them when war is declared. It is also a war that has been thought thoroughly instead of us wondering what we are getting ourselves into.

Questions that Congress will be asking when it comes to declaration:

Is it defensive?

Is it too costly in lives and money?

Will it lead to blowback down the road?

Daniel asks…

How can I show my girlfriend that I love her and I need her without being too needy about it?

The Expert answers:

Well i didn’t find this on the internet or anything, but just show her. That should be good enough. Actions speak louder tha words. Hopefully she knows how to read your actions. And just kinda prove it, you shouldnt have to buy her anything to show her you love her and need her. Hopw i helped.:)

Donna asks…

Facebook album name for Christmas break and swim training trip?

The Expert answers:

If you have any memories from the trip, the way people said a certain thing or a phrase that meant something during the trip… Or like lyrics from a song that relates to the album

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