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Mary asks…

What do hot women think when you are respectful and a gentlemen?

The Expert answers:

Socially? They like it. Sexually? Instinctively speaking, it makes it seem like you’re not interested if you never make even so much as a try to pick them up.

Monogamy isn’t anything but a social standard that society holds very high and very dear.

Polygamy is scientifically normal, whereas monogamy is not, but polygamy is looked down upon in society because it makes men look like chauvinists and makes women look like sluts with no respect for themselves who will take whatever dick they can get.

It’s a pretty damn complicated situation.

An easier way to deal with it, is to get to know a girl as a friend before you start to make moves on them to pick them up romantically or sexually.

Women like confident, dominant men. Just like the animals we are, nature hasn’t changed us. Passive men who aren’t as instinctual usually possess a higher level of intelligence and experience with life, but aren’t really all that good with women because they don’t see women as being objects that are below them.

Instinctually speaking though, women do scientifically crave a guy who is confident and can make them feel secure, even though most of the time that man isn’t going to be the one who will bring them more emotionally secure.

It’s for the reason why some women cheat, if you want to be technical.
The society around them tells them that it’s slutty to be with multiple partners as a sex object, but nature and science say that it’s completely normal. Since women are generally more emotional and less logical (especially when they’re hormonal) they usually fall for their instincts. Just as men who aren’t the latter of the more intelligent type fall for theirs.

Men will instinctively take a woman and use them for their sexual gratification. It’s purely carnal, and the protective and controlling aspect of it also comes with that instinct.

So to answer your question:

What do hot women think when you are respectful and a gentlemen?
And you show it towards them?do they see things like that as weak?

They love it. But if you don’t make a move within the right amount of time in the friendship you’re stuck in the “friend zone” and if you make a move too early on you’ll be called a creep and a pervert and be dismissed just as soon.

Ruth asks…

whats a really good and healthy daily moisturizer to use?

The Expert answers:

Simple’s daily moisturiser… ALL of simples range are GREAT weather it’s body or face.. I love simple 🙂

Chris asks…

How do I keep my blanket and robes soft?

The Expert answers:

Use softener in the laundry and and those softener pads in the dryer

Mandy asks…

How do I volunteer for a political campaign and what’s it like?

The Expert answers:

Look up the campaign office of your favorite party and walk in and tell them you would like to help and they will put you to work right away, it is only a matter of telling them you want to help

Paul asks…

How can I overcome my shyness and be more mature?

The Expert answers:

Once you are shy, its hard to overcome. Think about the reasons you are shy. I can guarentee they arent even reasonable when you think about it. Try to look people in the eye when they talk or when you talk, to show that you are interested. Speak loudly amd confidently in the mirror, practicing for when you are really in front of someone. If you speak clearly and with a little bit of emphasis on some words, people will enjoy it and realize “Wow. This girl really knows her stuff.” also, you can smile a lot and walk proudly (not slupming over and hiding your face). Hope i helped!!!!!

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