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Charles asks…

My son found a little baby bird yesterday?

He found it on the ground yesterday when he was riding his go-cart. He looked around to see if he oculd find his mom or atleast a bird nest anywhere, but no luck. He has him in a box with some leaves, straw and some popcorn. He seems to be pretty healthy but just can’t fly right now. Any suggestions on care for this bird until he can fly? and what to feed it. Thanks!

The Expert answers:

If the bird has feathers then put back where found it asap. Does not matter that it was touched. THis bird is a fledgling and just out of the nest. This is when they learn to fly. They live on the ground for about 3 days and the parents will take care of them and warn of predators. This is how they learn. Tell him to take back adn put back but maybe on a branch or something but in same area. Mother will hear the babies cries and come feed and care of it. If not then call local vet and get wildlife rehabber number and take it there. Can feed it dog or cat food soaked in water with excess blotted off and break into small pieces and give.

Laura asks…

“The Tale of Dogski”….. a poem. Would you care to C/C?

The Tale of Dogski

Dogski pulls the cart playfully for home that day
Her size makes pulling baby carts as mere child’s play
She’s huge, a Labrador, obtained from Russian friend
Trained by cop, we’ll call Tibs ‘cause that isn’t his real name

Tibs can slug between the eyes crooks across the street
His temper’s short, but long the distance he’d shoot straight
His baby, Dogski pulls in cart as they would stroll
But today’s her day, she might heed maternal call

So many pats, did Tibs bestow on Dogski’s head
As due reward for deeds of bravery she’d made
To Dogski it’s worth all to life and what it brought
And with her newborn pups, she’s bound for added worth

As Dogski’s seventh pup was out, a wolf came by
It bit the baby that so loud it now did cry
She’d killed the wolf, at last, but not without its price
Bloodied and stained, she hardly moves from where she lies

As Tibs arrive, she thought a pat would ease her pain
She whine a bit to point out to where she’d lain
Tibs saw the baby bleeding red from dangling arm
And felt the matching blood on Dogski’s face still warm

To Tibs this meant a smoking gun that he has found
As victim and the culprit were all still around
Ten years of Police work taught him to act now fast
He struck at Dogski who just stared feeling aghast

The pat that Dogski yearned now came, but seemed too hard
It split her skull and felt as though there flew a shard
Her pups, too, Tibs held nothing back, he game them all
She watched with mournful eyes as last of them did fall

She stared at Tibs with eyes where now fresh blood had sprung
As if to say, ”If you’d kill me, please spare my young,”
“I’ve only done the best I can, if not enough,
Then punish me, but please, let live a single pup.”

At times that Tibs’s been judge, jury, executioner
Verdict’s been slug between the eyes of whoever
A welcome thought for Dogski to befall that fate
When life has got more stings than even Death itself

Dogski now moves hardly from where she lies
It’s been a year ago, yet Tibs secretly cries
Her bones nary will know why man could make those slips
Or why often heroes would die in sinking ships.

The Expert answers:

Capital punishment defined:
Man’s nature to judge others blind
to the accused’s pleas and defense
nor even to his evidence.

This is so clear a reflection
of today’s glaring confusion
Our righteousness has reached such heights
Letting Tibs rob us of our rights

To live as men and dogs should live
humanely not having to grieve.

Richard asks…

What’s with all these famous people constantly putting the cart before the horse?

It used to be: First comes love, then comes marriage, then the baby carriage. Yet, nowadays it seems like the “A” list has it all reversed and love doesn’t seem to enter into the equation. I don’t care if they DO have the money to support these children in grand style. I wonder why in the world with all this top notch birth control are these Hollywood types constantly having unintended pregnancies??? and do you feel that it is an influences on the young people of today?

The Expert answers:

The answer is simple: too many celebrities, political figures, and the common people have lost the all-important trait that sets them apart from animals. That is moral integrity.

Too many want instant gratification and damn the consequences. When the consequences arrive, the comment is, “Oh, well, it will work out somehow. If it doesn’t we’ll split.”

Commitment, integrity, and morals are three viable standards of man that is too often sacrificed for the immediate pleasures of life.

Certainly, many Hollywood and political figure types set an example for the youth of today–to their detriment.

Jenny asks…


I am 15 ( I am very mature for my age..I have been told) and I want a baby. Now listen close..I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE A BABY. So I do not need all the stuff about “Don’t do it! You will ruin the baby‘s life!” But I have just being seeing the babies in shopping carts and everyone talking about their niece or nephew and it makes me sad that I don’t have a baby to hold and care for. My mom also says she is getting old and I can tell she is wanting a grandchild. She always talks about her friends’ grand babies and she looks at little babies in shopping carts and just smiles. My sister is around the age where she is old enough to start a family but most certainly not with the guy she is with! (BUM) I live a very boring life. I don’t do much with friends or family..Is this what’s behind my sudden need for a child? What do you suggest I do about this? Please be nice and respectful..but thanks so much in advance.♥
Most of you are being very very rude. You out your title in caps so that your answer gets attention quicker. I repeat I AM NOT GOING TO HAVE A CHILD!!! I DON’T EVEN HAVE A BOYFRIEND. ARE YOU CRAZY? WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I WILL ACTUALLY HAVE ONE? I AM TALKING ABOUT MY NEED FOR ONE,NOT FOR THE THOUGHTS OF HAVING ONE. Thank you IFly4eva for answering with your respect. I am going to select you as best answer. All others who answered with disrespect: You are rude and need God.
also thanks cheerpri… Olta and Kat..Very nice answers :))

The Expert answers:

I’ve wanted a baby since I was 16 years old, and it really is just a phase that every teenager goes through. We all just have that want to have a little bundle in our lives. And now I am 20 with a beautiful 3 month old baby boy and it is the greatest thing in the world. And honestly, those 4 years flew by from when I first started wanting a baby to now finally having a baby. You will be a great mother when you decide to have a child. But as far as having the urge, you are completely normal. I don’t know any teenager that has not wanted a child. My sister is 16 and she is going through the same phase. Whenever she sees her nephew, she lights up, and I can just tell she wants a baby.

Helen asks…

my baby list..did i miss anything?

i have made a baby list of all the items that i need or just want for my baby and i was wondering if i missed anything. do you have any items that are “must haves” or “i cant live withouts” for you that are not on here? pls let me know so i can add to my list so that was i can be as prepared as possible! thanks!
(no certain order)

car seat
diaper bag
moby wrap
shopping cart covers
potty training seat
portable changing pad
diaper disposal system (diaper genie)
high chair
diaper dipose bags (for on the go)
breast pump (medela pump in style)
cleaning wipes for pump
storage milk bags
nursing cover (balboa baby)
breast cream (lansinoh)
boppy pillow
burp cloths
bottles (one that prevents nipple confusion)
bottle drying rack
bottle& nipple cleaning brush

food savers
weaning cups/ sippee cups

storage center w/shelves
side table (for on the side of the glider with a lamp)
crib mattress
bedding set
a breathable bumper (to replace the dangerous pretty one lol)
extra crib sheet
waterproof crib pad
wall art/deco
wall letters
light switch cover

baby blankets
recieveing blankets
swaddle blankets

safety gates
nail clippers
care kit
medicine kit
baby monitor

shampoo&body wash
diaper ointments
first aid kit
baby orajel
nasal aspirator

cabinet&drawer locks
outlet plugs
door locks
sun bling for the car
finger pinch protector for doors

and of course BABY CLOTHES:

if there are any specific brands you have in mind or if you just want to comment about anything pls do so it is greatly appreciated!
thanks you guys! & you sure can borrow my list. im greatful that i could help lol!
just thought of something i forgot.. changing pad and changing pad covers for in the babys room!!

The Expert answers:

Wow! I don’t have many of those things and I have a 4 month old! Lol you did a good job 🙂 Good luck, and may God bless you and help with your delivery!!!

One suggestion though, as far as clothes go, bring with you a newborn outfit to the hospital just in case. I didn’t have one and had to ask my sister to get one! My baby was much smaller than I had expected and all the 0-3month clothing was huge on her! My favorite brand of clothes is carters and miniwear and koala baby (both from babies r us). Also best brand for breastmilk storage bags is lansinoh.

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