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Lisa asks…

What toy to make for a 12 month baby girl?

For my GCSE child Development child study, I have to produce a toy/activity that will be beneficial to the child i am studying at 12 months. It must be something that I can fairly easily make myself (not to difficult please….)

The Expert answers:

Photo album. Use pics that the baby will recognize like the mom or dad and use soft plastic to cover the photos. Oh, it should be water proof for the saliva cuz the baby will put it in her mouth.

Chris asks…

sorry another q about 10-12 months old baby?

i like to introduce him new things, new games, teach him something, have lots of fun playing with him…
so d q is…what games do u play with yr baby? what toys does he likes to play? how many items he/she can shows and what thing at home/outside he really likes. my son for example likes cars, bikes , flowers, ppl, flags and road signs and even points at d pedestrians signs and zebra

The Expert answers:

Wow…I wish we had zebras around so my baby could see one. 🙂
We play a lot of chase and hide the bunny. My little one likes to play in the backyard although she eats a bit more dirt and leaves and sticks than I prefer.
One of the best things you can do for your child is work on developing vocabulary so your pointing to things and naming or counting them is great. We look at colors and shapes and sizes.

James asks…

What is the best toys to get my baby for his first Christmas?

I want to get him a toy box for future toys and he won’t mind getting that instead of a toy. I just don’t know whats the best for toys. I get confused everytime we go to the toy department. The problem we have is that he’ll be 1 year old only a month later so its hard to get him 12 month toys for his first christmas and then older toys only a month later. At this point he usually likes the packaging more than whats in it.

The Expert answers:

For my son’s first Christmas, we gave him diapers. =)

Don’t worry so much about the ages listed on boxes. My son plays with just about anything that we help him find interesting. Even if the toy says “18 months” there will be plenty that he will find interesting. Really you only need to watch out for small parts he can swallow or moving parts that can pinch. Other than that, find something that you think fits his personality- animals, trucks, etc- and let him figure it out in his own time.

Also, books are always good. Even if they seem old, they always grow into them. Kids love pictures, plus you can feel like you’re helping them learn.

OH- and if they make noise, make sure they have an OFF button. Rule number 1!!!

Right now, my 13 month old son is walking around with a diaper and an empty bowl. Kids love anything they can learn to manipulate. But now I think I’ll go help him play with some real toys- my break is over. =)

George asks…

What is a good learning toy for a 12 month old baby?

The Expert answers:

Chris B are one very sick and revolting puppy to even suggest such a thing.

I would introduce your 12 month old to toys that stimulate the senses for example touch there are toy rings that are made from a plush material with a range of different textures and colours which also move and make noises.
Your baby will be fascinated by it

Sharon asks…

Ideas for a educational toy ranging from 12 to 18 months old?

Any ideas for a educational toy that a 12 to 18 month year old baby will find amusing? Please give me ideas!!

The Expert answers:

Yes baby books, the hard covered books so they dont get ruined, or look in the educational toy section, like at walmart theres always a whole section for that.

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