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Richard asks…

Mothers Who Have Used A Sling???

I am almost 19 weeks pregnant and i have been thinking a lot about baby stuff because i am having a girl and have 2 boys at home. Well i was looking at slings and i have heard nothing but good things about them, but i have to ask how is it your baby can’t fall out of a sling? I have heard mothers going hads free because of a sling and i am just curious about how it is a baby cannot fall out? I know this may seem like a silly question but i just need to know before i go out and buy one. I live in canada does anyone know of a good store that sells a wide variety of them?
*Edit* I have been looking at slings online not in person.

The Expert answers:

Babies can’t fall out, I promise. I was wearing my baby from day one and haven’t stopped yet, she’s one next month and we haven’t yet used a pushchair. There are many types, ring slings or pouches are good for very small babies, I find wraps and Mei Tais better for bigger babies. Now my daughter is bigger she goes nicely on my back and is happy there, but you should wear them on your front or side until they are over six months and have good head control. There are many ways of tying some slings, none of which the baby can fall out of – although some are more restrictive and secure than others. Just check out some of the sites below and take a look at some of the pictures. Then you will understand how they don’t fall out!


Don’t get anything that calls itself a ‘carrier’ – seriously. They position the baby in anatomically incorrect poses and are terrible for your back. Plus they cost more and are more complicated. Most people won’t use them for more than a couple of months, where slings last years. Wearing baby from day one lets your baby and body get used to the weight and position of a sling. Wearing it everyday means you don’t feel that your baby is getting heavier. When your baby has good muscular control they are lighter than ever as they are no longer a dead weight.

Babywearing is a wonderful way to integrate your baby into family life, and ease your load, as well as being a wonderful way of bonding and helping to create a secure and happy child.

Good luck with your sling hunting. I am in the UK and don’t know much a out stores in Canada, but most of the websites above are multinational and should be able to help you out or ship to you. There is also quite a good sling section on ebay. I bought my ring sling there.

Happy babywearing!

John asks…

I’m pregnant. Is there such a thing as lead free, non toxic oil paints for art?

Hi 🙂

I’m 26 weeks pregnant and couple of days ago my hubby started painting again. He loves to paint, but everybody has been telling me all art paints are toxic and I worry about that. Jay (my husband) paints in an open area of the home, but unfortunately it’s winter here in Canada and very cold so it’s not like we can open all the windows, and it takes the oil paints a loooong time to dry. I don’t handle his art supplies or paints, but I do spend pretty much all my time at home. I worry about fumes I may be breathing in.

My husband is new to painting and we’ve only just started to hear stuff about it being toxic…is this even true? I would hate it if he had to give up painting- his mom is dying, which is hard on him, especially with a new baby on the way. This is his stress relief on the weekends…he loves it. But baby comes first.

The paints he’s using are Winton by Winsor and Newton, and the back of the tubes say: “AP NONTOXIC” (followed by a little symbol) CONFORMS TO ASTM D-4236. Certified by Art & Creative Materials Institute.”

Thank you for any help 🙂

The Expert answers:

Well, watercolor paints are non toxic….but if he is bent on using oil paint, then he should use the water soluable oil paints made by winsor and newton…they are pretty new….basically, you just use water instead of linseed oil and turpentine….and they are in no way like using watercolor paints…

The thing is though, you can’t mix them with regular oil paints, so if he decides to switch to these new oil paints, then make sure he buys all of the colors he thinks he will be needing.

Also, they’re a little bit cheaper as well….

Hope this helped!

Charles asks…

Do you think today’s young people will change the world and government?

For some reason I have a lot of faith in today’s kids ages like 15-29. They come up with all kinds of new ideas. Come on, look at Google, Youtube, Uno bike was invented by a 19 year old. Youtube symphony is a global enterprise. I’m in Toronto everyone who I know votes for the Green party, supports weed legalization and so on. And it’s not like I’m a hippy stoner, I have a business degree and an office job.

Somehow I feel when Generation X and Baby Boomers retire from government, in like 40 years, we’ll change so much. Like taxing polluting meat industry, making internal combustion engines illegal, legalizing weed. I’m not blind, most inventions are done by 20-30 year olds with flexible brains. Somehow Gen X keeps getting in the way of progress. I think public transportation should be free, unless you want to demolish half the city and cover it with concrete just to find more space to drive. There’s like a million cars in Toronto. How come everyone has to pay for someone else’s ride? I mean cost of pollution, it affects health, Canada has free health care, cost of maintaining nice smooth roads. Pedestrians can walk on any crap road so all repairs and construction are obviously for cars.

I bet there will be a bunch of people over 40 here, crapping on my parade 🙂 Well, screw you, you’ll die first and today’s kids will just step over your body 🙂 I guess, just like it happened many times before me.

Though I do think something with Gen X folks not being able to send an email has to do with it. Come on, today’s kids are way more educated just thanks to technology and even with the most basic and accessible stuff like Wikipedia. I mean look at the stats, most users and contributors were born in 80s and 90s.

I played video games since I was like 11, around the same age I saw a prno. I turned out fine, get off our backs already. Gen X, are some of the worst parents I could think of. Those helicopter parents, with soccer moms, and karate lessons. Leave the kid alone, give him a stick he’ll dig a hole and amuse himself for hours 🙂 Chances are he’ll grow up a smart kid, instead of whoever you’re trying to make him into. Because if kids listen to their parents we’d all be living our mom’s basement.

Anyway, I have a flu, so I’m hoped up on pills 🙂 Getting some creative juice flowing here 🙂

The Expert answers:

Not in any huge way like they and all the other generations believed they would.

Mary asks…

Have you put a child up for adoption? How hard was it on you? (young moms – READ!!)?

I’m in the process of deciding what I’m going to do with my child… I asked a question earlier about abortion – I got a lot of responses saying an open adoption would be a better choice. Have you gone through an adoption? Was it hard on you? How did you cope with everything? I need some advice… I’m a young mom in a very bad situation…

Once again, I’m not looking to get reemed out. I just need some help. I’m really not in this to hurt a child or make my child suffer.. I want the best for this baby & i’m looking for all the advice that I can get.

Young moms – how old were you when you had your first child? Did your parents accept it? Your baby‘s father? What did they have to say? How hard was it raising a child… My dad told me that without me having a proper career that doesn’t have benefits and all of that stuff – it’ll be next to impossible to pay for my child if he or she gets sick. Does social assistance help with health care? I live in Canada so health care is free – but prescriptions and that?

Just lookin’ for some good advice so i make the right decisions…
Also, did your parents accept the father of your child? My parents do NOT like my baby‘s father and never WILL accept him… How much harder was it on you when your parents didn’t accept him? Did you just carry on with your life and try to mend the relationship with your parents?
Also, did your parents accept the father of your child? My parents do NOT like my baby‘s father and never WILL accept him… How much harder was it on you when your parents didn’t accept him? Did you just carry on with your life and try to mend the relationship with your parents?

The Expert answers:

With my first one I thought about adoption b/c I was young, but the day I was suppose to start looking at prosepctive couples i felt her kick and flip and I couldn’t do it.

I don’t know about social assitance in canda but I’m sure they have something to help youn moms and teen moms.

I’m going to try to answer all the questions b/c I’ve been there and its scary and the hormones make you more emotional.
I was 18 when my oldest was born 17 when I found out I was pregnant with her. Me and her father (my hsuband) planned on getting married as soon as I turned 18, but I changed my mind and didn’t want to marry him, he took it as I didn’t want to be with him and left me. He saw our oldest for the first time when she was 3, and he had married someone else. He was in the navy so he was out alot . He got a divorce when she was 5 and saw her a couple times then but then got in trouble and was gone till she was 7. We started talking alot on line and decided to try it again b/ honestly I never stopped loving the guy and when he wasn’t in toruble he always paid child support and sent cards, even if pyshcially he wasn’t there. So he moved back in and we finally got married (took us 7 years but hey) 2 weeks later I found out I was prengant with our baby. My parents (i’m 29 now) still hate my husband, mostly b/c this last bit of drama with him. I’m a married single mom with two kids. THey have never and will never accept my hsuband, but they won’ make me choose, he won’t eitehr b/c both are scared that I would pick the other and honestly I love my husband and my parents theres no way I could chose. So I just kinds spilt myself,

At frist my parents were really upset (like I mentioned in the other post) but eventaully they calmed down even my dad.

It is really hard to raise a kid at any age, but make sure you stay in school. I’m just know going back to college b/c I wanted to wait till my oldest got older then winded up having another one but decided if i odn’t go back now at my age I might never go back and I don’tw ant to be working min wage the rest of my life.

IANyonewho puts there kids up for adoption is incredibly strong, I couldn’t imgine making that decison. But it takes soemone just as strong to rasie their baby properly especially when they are young.

Joseph asks…

I am 7 weeks pregnant and still have not seen a doctor?!?

I live in Canada where Health care is “free” but though that may sound nice and pleasant we have a shortage of doctors and the ones that are around are over worked. I went to a clinic to tell them I had taken a test, in hopes they would take another and check on everything, instead I was told to call the Prenatal clinic to get an appointment with the doctor there. I did that and now have to wait until the 16th of December to get everything checked up and to make sure the baby is okay.
I am dying to hear the heart beat!
I am just really frustrated as I have already had complications with coming off of a anti-depressant medication I was on and I am going through severe withdrawal (for the last 5 days) I have quit smoking and am having normal pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness and all that fun stuff) so I am looking for something positive, like hearing a heart beat.
So my question is….do you have any suggestions on how I can hear the heart beat myself, or any thing that will make me feel better?! Just looking for support, thank you!
btw this is baby #2 and I am very happy just having a hard time with things!

The Expert answers:

Congrats on your pregnancy! I am originally from Canada and have been living in the States for 4 years now. I am also pregnant with #2 (I’m 6 weeks.) Down here most docs won’t see you until you are atleast 8 weeks pregnant unless you have complications prior to that. So my first appointment isn’t until Dec 19th. I too would love to hear my child’s heartbeat just for some peace of mind, as I miscarried my second pregnancy at 7 weeks :(.
I know you can rent dopplers online, I’ve heard of people doing that. Try this website it tells you how to go about renting one:

Best of luck!!

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