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Thomas asks…

Babies r us coupons?

I used to get Babies R Us small catalog with coupons in the mail all the time but now I haven’t gotten one in a few months it seems. I used their coupons a lot but I am wondering why I haven’t gotten them lately or if they just haven’t been new ones out. I really want one to get my 9 month old his next carseat soon. How can I get them again? I use my credit card at the store a lot.

The Expert answers:

Ring them and ask why they have stopped them


Lizzie asks…

babies r us coupons???????????????

i need a coupon for babies r us
any coupon would be great but where do i find them?

if u find a 15% off any one item coupon or anything like that please reply! i really need this for our baby’s crib and it would save us a lot of money!

if you find a toys r us coupon (for any item) also post it becuse some times you can use a toys r us coupon for babies r us

thank you verryy much!

The Expert answers:

When you register in-store at Babies R Us, they give you a gift box and it has a 20% or 25% coupon in the box.

Also, I suggest checking out
They have many of the same cribs as Babies R Us for a fraction of the price. Plus, BabyCenter is always having sales.

Paul asks…

Does babies r us take coupons?

I have some diaper and other coupons ive collected out of magazines and my ob dr gave me….does babies r us take coupons? or do they only take there own coupons? Thanks for any info!

The Expert answers:

They sure do! You can only use one coupon cut out from the ads in the magazines and you can also use theirs.

I usually wait until they do their $5 off coupons and then combine that with the $2 off coupon that I got from the ads in the paper and get $7 off total! Works for me for a box which is $40!

Carol asks…

Does anyone have any babies r us coupons for free shipping? I am looking at a harmony glider and 200 to ship?

The Expert answers:

I always get mine at . Try there

Mary asks…

Where can I get 20% off in-store coupons for babies”r”us?

I’ve seen on ebay people selling these 20% off in-store coupons for babiesrus. How could I get one, without having to buy them from a seller on ebay. 🙂 I guess if they could get it, we could get it too. Thank you!

The Expert answers:

Those sellers get them from promotions in their area. I just buy them from them 🙂

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