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Lizzie asks…


You have to name the children from these names
GIRLS: Eden,Everleigh,Shaeleigh,Shaelynn,Blair,Nola,Anastasia,Piper, Skye,Clover,Honour, Evangeline (leen not lynn on the end),Keira (do not change it to Ciara)
Blayne,Blaire,Kade,Kane,Christian,Rowan,Arden,Finley,Keane(said keen),Kieran (said KEER-uhn),Kian (said KEY-an),Roarke (said same as Rourke I didn’t misspell it or make it up)

You have identical twin girls, their middle names are flowers – name them
You have identical triplet boys, their middle names are nature names – name them
You have quads, two girls and two boys. 1 girl has red hair, 1 girl has blond hair, 1 boy has black hair and the other has dark brown hair. Their middle names are from literary characters. Name them

You have to use the names I gave for first names – you can use your own middle names and they can have more than one middle name

The Expert answers:

Everleigh Rose and Eden Ivy

Kade River Christian Bay and Kane North

Girls Keira Belle=Blond hair and Honour Juliet-Red hair Boys Rowa Cuz-Dark Brown hair and Kian Romeo-Black hair

Laura asks…

Caitlin’s Baby Name Game #10…7 Questions?

1. Is there a flower name (Lily, Rose, &c.) that you would consider for a boy?

2. You’ve just had identical girl decaplets! What would you name them? The hitch is, they all have to start with the same letter.

3. What nicknames can you come up with for Amelia and Jacob?

4. Which is your favorite of the following names? Elouise, Louiza, Louisiana, Ouida, and Louison? All are girls names stemming from the Germanic name Louise, which means “fame and war.”

5. If you had to name your next son (first and middle names) after a Muppet Show character, what would you choose? For reference:

6. How would you masculinize the following names? Emily, Delia, and Hannah?

7. Can you make up a name for a girl with the initials VV and a boy with the initials XX?

Have fun!
Just for fun… my answers!

1. Huckleberry
2. Meave

3. Amelia: Ame, Amy, Mel, Melia, Ellie, Elia, Elle, Lia, Li
Jacob: Jake, Jakey, Cob, Coby

4. I like Louiza the best, but I agree with someone else that Louisa is nicest – that’s why I didn’t put it on here, I thought everyone would pick it!

5. George Rowlf

6. Emile, Dell, Hannibal

7. Viola Valentina and Xavier Xanthos

Thanks to everyone for playing, I’ll choose an answer tomorrow!

The Expert answers:

1. William? For the flower Sweet William. Does that count?

2. Yikes! I’d pick C, since it can make several different sounds (and since I like a fair number of C names).

3. Nicknames for Amelia: Amy, Mia, Millie, Lia, Melia, Mimi
Nicknames for Jacob: Jake, Jakie, Jay, Cob (kind of weird), Coby

4. I love Eloise and Louisa, but they look weird spelled Elouise and Louiza. I suppose I’d pick Louiza if I had to.

5. Funny! My husband and I were just joking tonight about naming one of our sons Bunsen Honeydew. 🙂

In all seriousness, though, I’d probably pick Julius Clifford or Julius Scott.

6. Emil, Delos (the Greek island from which the name Delia is derived), Hans (unrelated but same beginning sound)

7. Girl: Victoria Violet — This is one of the few alliterative names that I really like.

Boy: This is tough. My favorite X name is probably Xerxes, but since it already has two X’s, I don’t think I could bring myself to use it if his middle name also had to start with an X. I’d probably have to go with Xavier Xenon. I’d be tempted to pronounced Xavier as ig-ZAY-vee-er just so they wouldn’t sound as alliterative.

Lisa asks…


You have to make 3 sets of names for identical twin girls out of these names and 3 sets for identical boys
Eden, Evangeline (said leen not lynn at the end), Piper, Nola , Everleigh,Blair, Anastasia. Shae, Shaeleigh,Belle,Bella

Kieran(said KEER-uhn) Kade,Keane (said keen), Blue,Storm,Arden,Blair, Roarke (said same as Rourke is not mispelled and I didn’t make it up),Blayne,Finley

If possible, can u use those names for middle names,BUT u can use your own

Eden Belle and Everleigh Claire
Anastasia Hope and Blair Nola
Piper Shae and Evangeline Skye

Kieran Storm and Roarke Arden
Blair Kane and Keane Blue
Arden Riley and Kian Roarke

I just randomly put the together for an example
If you want best answer, you have to use the names or first names – no matter how much I like the others

This is so that it makes you think more and be more creative
TO loldawg
I said it was a baby name game
I also have a unique name and often get complemented

The Expert answers:

Piper Michelle and Everleigh Nicole
Eden Clare and Evangeline Ciara
Nola Amelie and Shaeleigh Aren

Kieran Ennis and Finley Ethaniel
Arden Blayne and Roarke Keane
Kian James and Kade Owen

I agree, I would rather have a unique name than a common one anyday.

Daniel asks…

Which baby shower games should I play?

My mom isn’t helping me pick any games, so I need advice…

21) Baby Alphabet Game – Give each woman at the baby shower a pen and a piece of paper that has the alphabet written vertically down the left side of the page. The object of the game is for the woman to write one word that has to do with babies next to each letter of the alphabet. Set a timer for two minutes and whoever has the most baby words wins. (For example: A=alphabet, B=bottle, C=cuddly bear, etc).
38) Purse Scavenger Hunt (Materials-each guests own purse/handbag) Can be played in teams if someone arrives without a purse or handbag. A preprinted list is handed out to everyone with various items normally found it ladies bags and items rarely found in them. Example-the invitation to this shower, an overdue utility bill, any form of birth control, key chain with a baby picture, picture of a pet, expired voters registration card, grocery list, grocery receipt with toilet paper purchase. . .be creative and watch women go crazy empting out their personals for all to share! Assign a point system. Grocery list may only be worth one point, where a baby rattle is worth 10! Thanks again Pam for this wonderful baby shower game idea.
62) Piggy Bank Advice (Materials: Piggy Bank and have everyone bring change) – Have a baby shower guest purchase a cute piggy bank and have each guest place some change in the piggy bank as they give the mommy-to-be helpful or funny advice. It does not have to be expensive since guests can deposit spare change or currency into baby‘s bank while giving useful advice. It is also fun for one of the baby shower planners to write down all the advice and who it is from for the parents-to-be to read it later and when they need it most 🙂 This also helps starts the baby‘s piggy bank off which is nice! Thanks to Mrs. T for this wonderful idea!
75) Baby Shower Right and Baby Shower Left – (Materials: a baby shower prize and the following story to be read) – DIRECTIONS: Form a circle with all baby shower participants. Each time you hear the word “right”, pass the baby shower wrapped prize to the person on your right. When you hear the word “left”, pass the baby shower prize to the person on your left. When you finish this story the person holding the item is the winner of it. Have either the mommy-to-be start the game or choose who holds the prize first. Here is the story to read when playing:
This is a story about Mrs. Wright’s baby shower tea party. She lived right at the end of Lefty Lane, the third house on the left. Today, Mrs. Wright’s was hosting a baby shower tea party. The women would enter left, right through the front door and greet Mrs. Wright, they would head right down the stairs, turning left then right into Mrs. Wright’s family room where the mommy-to-be was.

Two of the girls were left-handed so they would sit at the left of the table. Mrs. Wright held up her right hand and all of her friends grew quiet, except the left-handed girl on the right patting Mrs. Wright’s dog named Hefty Lefty.

Mrs. Wright asked Sarah Wright and Julie Wright to pass out the teacups starting to the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright started out left but turned back because they left the cups just to the right of the table, right next to the spoons. Mrs. Wright said, “That’s all right.”

Mrs. Wright began to serve her friends some pie when Grandma Wright smelled the delicious desserts and left her bedroom to join the Wright girls. She went down the stairs and turned left than right, right into Mrs. Wright’s family room.

Grandma Wright knocked and entered left and sat in the rocking chair on the left. Sarah Wright and Julie Wright invited Grandma Wright to join them at the table.

Grandma Wright had been to many baby showers as a young girl and right before they realized it, Grandma Wright was telling them a stories from when she was the mommy-to-be and went to the right cabinet and in the left drawer were pictures of her baby shower.

As the party ended right on time, they all put their dishes right in the left side of the sink and thanked Mrs. Wright and Grandma Wright for such a wonderful time. Soon, all of the women from the Wright baby shower tea party turned right than left, then left again to return to the front door and out to the right car that they arrived in. Down lefty lane they went. Now who ended up with the right gift?
129) “We Wish For You” Baby Shower Game – (Materials: Scrapbook Pages/Paper, Pens, Crayons, Paint, Glue, Sequence). Pre-print the baby‘s name, vertically, on scrapbook pages, using different types of font for each page (in the largest font size that is possible and still fit the word on the single page). Each baby shower guest receives a page and had a few minutes to write words after each letter in the name and decorate it. An example of things that were wished for the baby with an example for baby name Tessa:
*T*reasures of happiness
*E*verything your heart desires
*S*weet kisses
None of these answers are helpful.

The Expert answers:

Those look like good games, but some require a lot of prep.

At my baby shower, we played a game where we filled a bottle with jelly beans and everyone had to guess how many were in there and one where each lady has to cut a piece of string they think will measure around mums tummy and whoever gets closest wins a prize.

The games aren’t the big focus, just have some drinks and nibbles and some music and let all your guests mingle and Ooh Ahh over mummy to be 🙂

Have fun 🙂


Chris asks…


1. this sunny little actess takes her job seriously, taking no nonsence on the set. she was named after Abigail Adams, but what is her middle name?

2.evidently, this singer doesn’t feel the love with his name. what was his real name?

3.this singer rocked the jailhouse even after he was dead. what was his middle name?

4. this 5 letter anme is not just a name ….it is also a career and a religion…what is it?

5. This 5 letter baby girl name is very popular, coming up at the top of the list for many years. Beginning with an E, what is this name?

The Expert answers:

1. Kathleen
5. Emily

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