Your Questions About Baby Care

Donald asks…

Where to find good deals on baby cribs?

Are there any websites that you found good deals on baby cribs? Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Ask friends, relatives, or talk with your ob about any parenting classes with older children. You might also advrtise at a local preschool and church.

Caution though… Check the stability, sturdiness, width of bars. All things, new or used, will impact your baby. Try to find a more solid crib. Though can be pricey, this is one area to take seriously.

We got our crib 10 years ago from a consignment store and it’s lasted 3 babies. Plus will be handed down to our grandkids. Where other stores were particle/press board for $150 +, this is solid oak and cost $250 including the mattress.

Donna asks…

Whats a fair price for a pair of 2 years old used baby cribs ?

We have two cribs from twins 2 1/2 years old that are in good condition with mattresses. One was a walmart crib and the other a babies or us bed. We spend $225 on the babies or us one and $120 on the walmart one. Whats a reasonable price if they come get them ?

The Expert answers:

Id say $100 for both with the mattress. You really can’t ask for a lot because they are used. I sometimes see things on craigslist that are way too overpriced. And Wonder what in the world are the world are these people thinking!

Mark asks…

Are there baby cribs on the Sims 2 preloaded?

I really need a baby crib and I can’t find any on the game. I don’t know how to download one and put it on the game. Does anyone know if there even is a crib already on the game?

The Expert answers:

Yes there are cribs already in the game.
Go to buy mode
They are in the Misc section (3 dots icon)
Then click on the baby icon (I think it’s a bunny?)
Anyway all the baby/toddler stuff is in the misc section.

Joseph asks…

What it means to dream about baby cribs, a lot of them?

yesterday i dreamed about me an d my husband standing in a stage and watching hundreds of cribs, the person tha was seliing the crib was my aunt, more than crib look like litle ataud, also i’ve been dreaming lately that i have a baby, or i’m prengnat, it’s been continous. i don’t know is a singh or i’m obses.

The Expert answers:

It means nothing.

Maria asks…

Do you think baby cribs could create more crime?

Since it looks like bars, and if the baby sees that, maybe later in life, he or she will think that jail is no big deal.

I don’t know when cribs were invented, but has crime increased since the invention of cribs.

The Expert answers:

Actually your question is valid. Too many other factors contribute to rate of crime, like overall neglect or abuse.

In the 70’s child psycology was studying the effects of infants being left in their playpens too long instead of being out and about. In those days there were still the old type with slats and the modern with the strong net sides. It was considered stifling, frustrating etc.

So the market opened up to more educational activity toys and other childhood equipment. The Child product industry/market really started to boom then.

When the child is very young, he doesn’t really see the overall view of the sides. He/she probably is learning to focus on the movement, shapes & colors on the mobile thats over head or hanging farther down at the other end and any other automated activity center attached higher up on the bed.

Later when the child becomes more aware, their time in the bed should be limited to sleepy time. So that they don’t see it as punishment.

Basically that’s how a lot of parents have to deal with it.

Until they can adapt it to the toddler bed set up.

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