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Sandy asks…

Cheap baby clothes stores?

I went to Mervyns, Marshalls, JcPenney, Kmart and I couldn’t find much. I’m looking for unisex clothes like yellow and light greenish for newborn, but I can’t find anything. Anybody know anywhere I can go I live in Orange County California.

The Expert answers:

I like The Childrens Place good deal especially when they have sales I know they are in practically every mall in California

Mark asks…

Where do you buy baby clothes?

I’ve been buying 0-3 month baby clothing from places like Baby Gap and Mothercare and it’s actually quite expensive. I know babies aren’t cheap, but a lot of people are having a go that I’m spending £15 on 3 vests that they will only be able to wear a few times! This is confusing… Where do you buy newborn clothes at ‘normal’ prices then? I don’t really like buying things online, so what shops should I be looking in? (I live in the UK)

The Expert answers:

Mama and Papa’s
Next (The Next sale is ALWAYS great!)
Marks and Spencer
John Lewis

Hope this helped!


Sharon asks…

what are the best sites or places for cheap baby clothes?

like sites or store for newborns????

The Expert answers:

The best places are usually thrift stores or consignment stores. You can find some very good deals there. It doesn’t matter if they’ve been used because babies grow so fast that they only get to wear things once or twice. If you always buy new, you will be spending a lot of money on clothes that you would either just give away or put into consignment yourself

Sandra asks…

Best places to buy baby clothes!?

my 21yr old brother gf is having a baby ( not sure of due date) but i want to get them some cute baby clothes and i want to know what is a good place to get baby clothes for a cheap price and a lot of them!

AND what size is the best to get. I don’t want to buy all these newborn one and have him/her outgrow it in a month so when are they about the same size the longest
and i know all baby‘s are different but im 13 so i dont
know about babies really.

The Expert answers:

I’d suggest buying some 0-3 months and also some 3-6 months because you never know if the baby is going to be 10lbs when born! I found a baby consignment store near my house and went and got ALOT of nice, non stained, clean baby clothes. They were having a sale, all the baby clothes you can fit in a little baggy for $12/ one bag, $20 for 2 bags. For $20 I got 53 outfits!!!!

Helen asks…

where can i find……?

where can i find cheap infant car seats starting at about 59.99 to 69.99 bucks? I dont want ebay! ive tried walmart and target but i dont see any that i like, they are all too simple. any ideas? if so let me know. and also looking for a website that sells cheap newborn baby clothes for girls or boys. No ebay!!! thanks…………….

The Expert answers:

Go to thrift stores. Or yard sales.

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