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Maria asks…

What kinds of toys 6 months baby need ?

The Expert answers:


For ideas about toys for a 6 month old, I would check out the following site:

They have toys organized by age and developmental level. They are really great, and I’m sure you can find pretty much anything you’re looking for.

Good Luck!


Lisa asks…

What are some good toys for babies 6+months?

Hello please could you tell me some good toys that are quite cheap for babies 6+ months .
And if anyone knows of any older toys for kids aged 3-7 that are quite cheap aswell thank you xxxx
you dont have to answer all of that just the 6 months + is most important and i forgot to say something that they can hold in their hand

The Expert answers:

Well for 6 months + it depends on what the baby is interested in. My baby loves everything to do with blocks so she has shape sorters and an activity table where she can take the toys off and post them into the gaps.
The baby cloth books are good learning toys for colours and pictures.

Mandy asks…

What are the best baby toys for babies under 3 months? 6 months?

The Expert answers:

Rattles, sound makers, a play mat, and at 6 mos. A kick and play, light and sounds, plushy and hard plastic blocks and the list goes on. Best bet is going to walmart or kmart or your choise of shopping and look in their baby dept. All baby oys are labled with ages. Good luck!

Thomas asks…

What are some good toys for a baby 3-6 months old?

The Expert answers:

Bright, colourful and tactile toys are good at this age. If your little one’s teething, get some bright teethers, anything gummy. My 3 month old loves anything that dangles that he can bat at or grab, so if you haven’t got a playmat/gym then that would be useful. Soft toys that can fit into his hand that can be put in baby’s mouth without risk of choking are wonderful, and usually quite inexpensive because of their size. Babies have no need for huge stuffed animals at this point.

You can usually make a game out of household items at this age, without spending a fortune on toys. Things like bright plastic cups and mirrors, babies aren’t looking at the brand label or price tag, they just love interesting looking things. I’ve bought so many toys and my son prefers to stare up at my sparkly lampshade most of the time!

Nancy asks…

what type of toys for 6 months old baby?

The Expert answers:

Six-month-old babies enjoy toys that make noise when shaken and are fun to explore with their mouths.
Follow these additional safety recommendations before giving a toy to your infant.
Durability: Since babies tend to drop or throw everything they hold, their toys must be made of sturdy, unbreakable materials
Small parts: Babies learn about new objects by putting them into their mouths
Threads and strings: Never purchase toys with pieces of thread, string or ribbon longer than 4-3/4 inches (12 cm).
Test the size of the toy – In order to ensure that the size of a toy is not hazardous to your child, try putting it into an empty roll of film; if the toy fits into the roll of film or closes it like a lid, it is too small and should be considered unsafe.
You can find some good toys in my source site.

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