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Maria asks…

Me and my girls are having a sleepover (teenagers) no baby games..?

Okay so were having a sleepover tonight lol and yeah! Any ideas for fun things to do, like prank call!?

The Expert answers:

Look up on google ‘prank call soundboards’
and there will be sound boards of different actors (their voices)
and the sound board has different words on it like phrases and ‘hello’
and they are like darth vador and stuff

when you call someone and they say Hello? You click the hello button and its a weird voice (turn up the speakers and put the phone close)
and you can click weird phrases that the soundboard will say to make a prank phone call.

Nancy asks…

Halloween games for TEENAGERS?

I’m having a Halloween party, and i have a few things planned, but i need a few more things to fill up those awkward spaces.
It’s a large party, at least 24 people are coming.
We are all 16+ years old so no baby games please. (no alcohol though of course)
Some cool and cheap ideas would be much appreciated!

The Expert answers:

Play whats underneath the costume. Back in my day we would wear silly things under our costumes.

Steven asks…

any good party games for teenagers?

already got truth or dare and spin the bottle, what else is there for teenagers to play at a party? i’m 16 and pervert. i can’t walk i had a brain tumur and it took away my walking ability so no baby/toddler games please?

The Expert answers:

Gold fish

Sharon asks…

baby shower games?

i am a 19 and i am having my baby shower in june, does anyone know of some fun baby shower games that would be very entertaining for teenagers and younger women?

The Expert answers:

My favorite was safety pins in rice…you put a bunch of safety pins in a bowl of rice and each person has a certain amount of time to find as many pins as they can…the winner gets a prize. It’s harder than you think. How about pin the diaper on the baby?

There are also books out there with lots of games for baby showers.

Chris asks…

Birthday Games for Teens?

I’m planning a birthday party for the end of september and I can’t think of any fun games to do at my party. We’re all young teenagers at the party so no baby games such as duck duck goose. L.O.L! But like others games besides truth or dare. Maybe games that have to do with knowing the birthday girl. Just something fun for us to do. It’s not a sleepover so not something that will take hours..the party is only 5 or 6 hours. So..any idea’s?!?!?!?

The Expert answers:

Once I was at a party, we were paired up and given rolls of tissue. And we had 30 seconds to wrap our partner in all this tissue, the one most mummified wins. Was fun, but didnt last too long.

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