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Sharon asks…

What games do you play at an American Idol kids party.?

Yeah I finally found out what I am doing for my 10th birthday.I am having a girl/boy American Idol party!We have everything pretty much ready except for the most major thing…Games!What can we play after the competition?We have tried to think about what to play but I have no ideas.The party is in a week!Please give me good ideas for preteens.Not baby games lol Please help!

The Expert answers:

Well, if it is an Idol party, I think there has to be a karaoke contest. If people are afraid they have bad voices, make it a lip sync contest where everyone pretends to sing while the real song is played loudly enough that you can’t really hear them–it’s just about how they look and perform.

Susan asks…

What are those baby games that hook up to the tv called?

I’ve seen them but I just cant remember. What ages are they for, and are they any good?
Before anyone says it, yes I know reading is best, but a little technology wont hurt anyone, not in this day and age, and its a better use of the TV then rotting their brains on half the kids shows they put on nowadays.
Oh, also, anything like that that doesnt hook up? I’d like to compare then pick what would work best, thank you.

The Expert answers:

They are called plug and play tv games…
And they all connect to the tv by wires.
They are cheap so what do you expect?

Nancy asks…

Is There Any Games Where You Look After Kids Or Babies Or Just Free Online Games?

Im looking for games involving kids or babies online for free. I know Babydow and the kindergarten game. Or I dont mind games which are like habbo or something they will do to

The Expert answers:

1stly, neopets. Nope, i am not trying to kope de 1st guy’s ans but tis is true. If you wan to noe any website with nice or good online games, here is my list:,,,,,,, in any order of merit.)

Mandy asks…

Can any of you people help me with dress up games?

I really want to find any pregnant dress up games for kids or for ages around 11.Or any dress up a baby games or pregnant dress ups please and thankyou

The Expert answers:

Try! You get to play dress up games, regular games, dress up people, etc. Try it!

David asks…

If you get invited to a baby shower AND the invitation says “no kids” would you be offened and not go?

I mean sometimes kids are a hassel and not to mention some baby shower games can include things not appropiate for kids …. honest opinion thanks!

The Expert answers:

Not at all. It is better to be clear and indicate that children may not be welcome at this particular affair.

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