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Thomas asks…

Wooden Toys Or Plastic Toys? Plastic From China May Contain Lead?

After over 1 million recalls this year would still continue to by toys that are made in china? What do you think of wooden toys?

Infantino Sling (owned this)
Dora Explorer Toys
Baby Einstein Blocks (owned this)
Kolcraft Pack And Play
Fisher Price Take Along Rainforest Swing
Laugh & Learn™ Kitchen Toys
Soft Blocks Tower Toys (on Graco® Baby Einstein® discover and play™ Activity Centers)
Learn-Around™ Playground Activity Center
Fisher-Price Recalls Infant Musical Toy Chair Posing Strangulation Hazard

And Tons More

I have desided to buy my baby for Christmas only wooden toys. And if I buy plastic I will make sure its not from China.
Wooden toys dont have slinters they are made so well that a child can bit it and wont get splinters.

The Expert answers:

I’m also making a concerted effort to buy more locally-made toys, made from organic products such as wood, this Christmas. I just feel that we haven’t learned all that we will in the coming months/years about plastics and how inorganic materials in children’s toys can affect their health.

David asks…

led killing baby from china?

i know this is old but can anyone tell me the facts about some baby that died from led that was made from china? i’m not too sure what happened but does anyone know? is it a toy, a bib? are they still selling it in stores? i bought my baby some toys and i just saw most of em are made form china so i just wanna know to make sure. no mom would want anything happening to their baby

The Expert answers:

You see, this is really scary. My husband and I were watching a docu on the internet (something off iTunes for .99$). A huge river in china has such high counts of lead that it’s disgusting. When they asked a govt official if there was anything wrong with it he said ‘No’. But when that some person was asked if he would live near that river he said ‘Hell No’.

I think it’s going to be impossible to find anything made in china that doesn’t have some levels of lead that are illegal in the US. They just haven’t caught it all yet.

Steven asks…

Does a “made in China” label make you think twice when shopping for your children?

I just read about the new toys to be recalled…and I’m sure it’s not over yet by far.. I was shopping for toys for my baby boy however the other day and it’s almost impossible to find anything NOT made in China! I guess it’s time to go to smaller quality toy stores that sell safe wooden toys etc..

I am not saying everything made in China is bad but unfortunatly I can’t know what is and what’s not and the safety of my son comes first so I’ll avoid “made in China” labelled stuff at least for a while. (I wonder if Mattel can recover from this)

How does this affect you?

The Expert answers:

Right now it seems that most toys made in china are being recalled for some reason, i dont trust them. If its made in china ill buy it as long as it has no paint on it. Everything else has to be american made or they wont get it. But they are at the age that they dont put toys in their mouths so, sometimes i may make an exception.

Carol asks…

Where can I find toys that are not made in China??

Toys that are safe for children and babies under 6

The Expert answers:

Finding toys made in the us by the us are rare to come by. Bu to find toys for kids under 6 would be Salvation Army, or The sales bin of toys r us

Lisa asks…

Are products made in China safe?

Hello! I am wondering if products made in China are safe? Every time I go shopping with my mother in law she tells me I should not buy pet toys or items for our baby if they were made in China. Why is this? Are they safe?

The Expert answers:

Some products from china use dangerous chemicals during the process of making them.
Like a couple of years ago, there was something on the news about toy trains made in China and they were painted with a substance that was harmful to health.
It’s not much to go on,
but you could do some research yourself outside of Yahoo Answers.
Best of luck!!
And be safe!

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