Your Questions About Baby Care

George asks…

What color of lighting makes a room look bigger, and what color of walls makes the room look bigger?

The Expert answers:

White lighting makes it bigger. Yellow will make it very small and dull.

It depends on the feel you what for your room.
Green is best for relaxation. You can highlight the green walls with green pillows and green accessories, but do not over do it.
Blue is productivity. If this area is going to be your work area this color will do best. Blue lowers blood pressure and heightens respiratory.
Pink can be a leap if you’re not so keen on that color. But it is a great add to brown. Also highlight the pink walls with accessories.
NEVER USE YELLOW ON WALLS UNLESS IT IS AN ACCENT. Yellow causes sore eyes and headaches most often. Fun fact: More people tend to argue in a yellow room, as do babies crying.

Never use dark colors on a small room. Dark colors make a room smaller than it is. Use nice light colors. For the colors listed above use a Mint Green, Sky or Mid-morning Blue, Baby Pink. If you want to stay neutral go with a nice clean white.

Nancy asks…

What kind of shampoo and conditioner are you using?

The Expert answers:

Tresseme moisture seems to work in my hair quite well ive tried herbal essence and dove for moisture but they dint leave such great results as tresseme does! Also I tried Aussie once and it worked really well too a professional hairstylist told me that is actually the best drugstore shampoo and conditioner for your hair!! Although I’m so used to buying tresseme that when I ru. Out if shampoo I automatically het yresrmme and forget Aussie has given me the same results as tressseme :))) both are great though especially since my hair is long thick and I use a lot of heat on it!

Richard asks…

my dog took Cerenia and 8 hours later is still very lethargic. How long does it last?

The Expert answers:

Ask your vet

Sharon asks…

what are the best organic or nautral skincare products and makeup?

The Expert answers:

Bare minerals. They have a lot of imitators, and sometimes they’re cheaper and just as good

Steven asks…

Which is the best and cheapest website for Airline tickets?

The Expert answers:

With a general question, you’re going to get a general answer. Please be more specific and update your question to add details–such as which route(s) and travel dates you need. Reasons: 1. We have no idea–this forum is not country-specific, 2. Many low-cost airlines do not show up anywhere else except their own website, but we don’t know if these apply in your situation without knowing where you need to travel from/to. I’ll check back to see if you added details, then complete my answer for you.

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