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Mary asks…

Can anyone recommend a good quality mattress for a baby crib?

I’ve been reading reviews and everyone has complaints about all of them. Either they are not durable (they sag after a few months), or they are made of too many toxins. I thought this would be an easy purchase, but it’s turning out to be a nightmare! Please help!

The Expert answers:

The best mattress to buy for your baby is an organic latex mattress. It solves both of your problems. Organic – therefore, no toxins, and due to the nature of the latex material it cannot sag.

Latex is the most durable natural cushioning mattress material available. It is naturally anti-microbial, dust mite free and mold-resistant.

The rubber is covered in cotton and/or wool which is breathable and will not off-gas any chemicals. Cotton and wool are also natural fire-retardants, negating the need for poisonous flame-retardant chemicals which have been associated with SIDS.

If you do not want to spend the money on an organic mattress, an inner spring mattress is less likely to sag than a foam one. Look for a high coil count, at least 150. The higher the better. The mattress should also have a border rod to help keep it’s shape.

Check out this web page for good information on the different crib mattress types. Http://

Susan asks…

Has anyone used a Breathable Baby Crib Bumper?

I was wondering if anyone has used one of these and what ages your children are. I just put one on my 3 1/2 month old’s crib because he was getting his legs stuck in the crib slats. It says on the package you can keep them in until they are ready to transition into a toddler bed. Thanks for any reviews.

The Expert answers:

I use one with my daughter. We started out with a regular bumper, but I was so worried she was going to suffocate because she was always shoving her face into it. I took it off and had no bumper, but she kept getting her arms and legs stuck. So I finally got the breathable bumper and I love it!! It’s still in her crib and she’s 21 months old. It’s so thin that she can’t use it to step on to try to climb out like some of the thicker bumpers. I have a newborn now and he has one in his crib too.

Ruth asks…

cribs. DELTA vs. STORKCRAFT vs. BABY MOD please help!?

i am having a little trouble deciding on which crib to buy for my boy twins. i love the baby mod (serena) brand crib from walmart but i cannot find any reviews about it. my other options that i am considering are the storkcraft aspen set or the delta canton crib. i am considering the espresso finish for each. the problem with the delta is that i cannot find a delta dresser or changer that i like to go with it. so i am wondering if it matches the storkcraft dresser and changer? it seems that the delta may be the best quality but i dont want to get it if i cannot find any pieces to match. please help!

The Expert answers:

All three of those brands are incredibly cheapy. They’re inexpensive for a reason! Have you ever actually felt the crib and given it a good shake? You’ll notice the wood is made of cheap crappy material and all three of these brands have had recalls a number of times. Spend the extra money and buy a good quality one.

Sandy asks…

Where can I find good crib user reviews?

e-opinions, consumer reports, even the manufacturer wedbsites do not have useful user reviews for specific products. Interested in Simmons Kids Toffee Harmony Collection and Baby Cache Sussex Collection.

The Expert answers:

Find the book Baby Bargains at the library or bookstore. That book is awesome and has lots of details on cribs, what’s recommended, what’s not, and user reviews. You can also go to the author’s website and they have forums where you can browse.

Laura asks…

anyone know of a free site where you can leave opinions on baby suff? Cribs, Bottles etc…?

Like a rating, review message board or something like that.
Not just Babies-r-us stuff but other brand stuff aswell..
I want to see what people think about certian items like pottery barn cribs, graco strollers, humidifiers etc…..

The Expert answers:

You might be able to go to a message board and just ask about certain products or brands and people will tell you what they think of it. has a few message boards to choose from and it is free to join. Or you could just ask here! =)

I hope this helps! Good Luck!

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