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Lisa asks…

Does anyone know of any good shops or websites to buy clothes for a baby boy?

I’m really struggling trying to find nice “BABYclothes for my newborn baby boy. Every shop I go into, seems to only sell clothes, lke I would dress a teenager in. My first born was a girl, and really enjoyed shopping, as you could dress them in really nice outfits suitable for a baby girl. I am really chuffed with my little boy, I just don’t want to dress him like his dad. I would like to dress him in nice baby blue or white outfits, in soft fabrics, like what I think a baby should be in.

Please help, I would be most grateful
I’ve looked in Mothercare, Next etc, and have been dissapointed in their range of baby boys clothes, as I’ve found most of their clothes to be jeans and dark coloured clothes. As I say, I don’t want my new born baby to be dressed like a teenager.

The Expert answers:

I usually buy my sons clothes from asda, mothercare, and on ocassions next and even tk maxx. I hate it when you see babys in denim jeans, shirts and tank tops. My son only wears light blue, lemon, white or cream outfits, mothercare and asda i find are the best and if you can be bothered to go through the rails in tk maxx you can sometimes find the odd oufit, i find next can sometimes be a little too trendy and grown up for babies under one, but i have just had the spring summer catalogue and they have a few nice little baby outfits which arent too badly priced for next. I love see my little boy who is seven months old dressed in proper baby clothes. Hope this helps.

Donna asks…

I need ideas for a Xmas gift for a newborn baby boy that already has everything?

My sister is due to have a newborn baby boy pretty soon and I want to get them a nice gift, but not the average gift of clothes or toys. The newborn already has all the clothes, teething rings, diapers, etc. from his older brother when he was a baby and from the shower. So I want to get something more memorable, unique for the newborn baby boy.
I forgot to mention that they haven’t chosen a name so personalizing something for him would be great but we don’t know the name yet.

The Expert answers:

I am due in December with a baby boy and things I would love from my family would be like a gift card to get pictures done, maybe a special frame, hand made blankets, in our family every one gets a hand made stocking that has our names on it (get the stocking made and put the name on later), there was a little girl I nannied for and her grandma ordered a book that actually related a lot to the little girl by having family members as characters and the little girl’s name in it. I think it was like fairies and the fairies would describe what kinda girl they wanted as their princess and made up something to go with each letter of her name so it came together good at the end. I would love a real story to be able to read to my son, I don’t want the one word picture books that it wouldn’t really get us to bond and it isn’t really a bed time type of story. I hope this helps or gives you some ideas!

Steven asks…

Someone gave me their newborn baby boy and ask me to take care of them for a few days? ?

I was at a children’s party with my nieces and nephews, their parents, my husband and a host of other children and their parents. This particular group of families are all politically independent and prefers to live outside of politics and legal stuff as much as possible. A pretty wholesome group of people.

Very natural, free-flowing people so it is not weird or interesting that this person ask me to take care of their baby boy for a few days. No, we did not know each other or anything. Generally, we exchange contact information and they give me the baby supplies.

My husband and I and our family took the baby home later realizing that the person who gave us the child did not give us a contact number or any supplies. My husband and I went to the store and bought diapers and allergy free formula for the baby plus other minor things to get us through a few days. He immediately became attached to us. We began to think how we would love to have a child of our own.

A few days past and we had to go back to the location of where the baby was given to us because my husband left something there. We saw the couple who gave us the baby. We greeted each other and they seemed very happy. They asked us if we would like to keep the baby and raise him as our own. They explained that they were in no position to raise him, they do not love him and he deserve to be with a family who would love him. They further expressed how they did not want to turn him over to the courts or sign away their parental rights and have him go in the system. They explained how they have been observing us (my husband and I) for a while and observed that we would be a wonderful set of parents for their child. They shared with us some things they did such as neglect him and felt really really guilty about it which is why they decided to look for someone else who would like a child.

That moment was very interesting for us. Both my husband and I agreed but then we asked if we needed to go through a social worker or the courts to have everything switched over. The baby was only 5 weeks old. The parents did not want that because they knew that the social worker would take the baby from both families and put him in a foster home. They feared that tremendously. They were really adamant about the baby staying with us. It was like an adoption without legal authorities being involved. Is there a name for that????

We set up a meeting at our home to have the parents sign papers and agreements that we came up with together. At that meeting the parents gave us everything that belonged to the baby including his birth certificate with OUR names on it, his medical records, his pediatrician, name change forms and a bunch of other papers, brand new breast pump, sooooooooooo many clothes from size 0-3 months up to toddler clothes all organic and mostly new. The only used clothes were the newborn clothes. So many shoes, hats, outdoor wear, crib, bassinet, swing, bouncy chair, 7 different carriers, 57 huge bags of diapers size ranging from newborn to pull-ups, about 100 containers of organic wipes, 12 diaper bags, a play pin, bedroom decorations, baby first aid kits, medications, 4 different strollers, 4 different carseats, and so many things that you need for a baby. They were set and my husband and I did not have to purchase anything.

I had my lawyer present and they had their lawyer present. Though we did not go through the court, we agreed to have our lawyers. I figured we would do this openly where their child will still know them and visit but they wanted to cut all strings. They signed away their rights of that child to my husband and I. They made it clear that if somehow the courts became involved, the whole agreement between us would mean that they gave us permission to babysit. They refuse to sign their child to the courts. They heard so much about the system and it would kill them if they did that to their child. They would rather take him back than to have him in the system.

Anyways, the mother requested that I breastfeed. I do not have any children so I was wondering if that is possible? If I start pumping and stimulating, how long will it take for the milk to come down?

The only concern we had was the cultural difference. We are African American and the baby is mixed hispanic and white. He will one day begin to see that he is a different color from my husband and I. We asked the parents what we should tell him. They said to tell him that he is a special baby.

Anyway, these are my questions:

1. We are are the type of family that prefers not to be involved with legals and courts and the system as well but never thought this would come up. I posted what happened and how we basically took on parenthood. Is that enough?

2. How long does it take for the milk to come down once I start pumping?

3. Should I change pediatricians or continue taking him to the same? By the way, his pe
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By the way, for the people who do not read in between the lines, Baby Showers is the perfect time to receive gifts. They have so much stuff because of baby showers.

The Expert answers:

It is possible to breastfeed your adopted child. I have seen information about it on the website for the Australian Breastfeeding Association. Contact them for more info perhaps.

But I must say that sounds like it is the least of your problems. You need to be speaking to your lawyer about making the adoption legal. What if the parents change their mind when the child is 5 and you have no legal rights. It may seem unlikely but would you be willing to risk it?

Lizzie asks…

Baby clothes, Once Upon a Child, Donating…?

I have a HUUUGE bag ful of baby boy clothes, from newborn to 6-9 months. I was thinking of selling some of it to Once Upon A Child and donating the rest. Does anyone know a good place to donate the clothes and does anyone know how much Once Upon A Child pays for clothing? THX.

The Expert answers:

After my last child, i knew that there would be no more. For some reason, i managed to get 2 of almost everything–granted, a lot of it is used–but none the less, i ended up with more than i (or the baby!) needed. I’ve taken some items to Goodwill, and some i’ve taken to a local children’s consignment shop. I don’t use Once Upon a Child because every time i’ve been in one they are overrun with clothes –to the point that i get fed up and don’t even want to look to see what they may have. Anyway, at the shop that i use, they keep the clothing for approximately 90 days and after that you have the option to either come pick it up, or they will donate it to CASA (program to help stop domestic violence) This way, i make a few extra $$’s and help the community at the same time.

David asks…

Are these baby clothes,worth it?

I was just searching online. Can you please tell me if these baby boy stuff are worth the money?——–Gerber Cap and Socks 6 Piece Boy Set- Blue————–Classic Pooh™ Infant Boys’ 3pk Bodysuits- Pooh & Friends|63096|63100|63096|63101|62644|63704|63711

Tianaxxx——–………………//////////////////////Mommy of 2,Prego Gal,Wifey,24

The Expert answers:

The Target links don’t work.

I’ve never used the sleeper, didn’t see the need for it as my baby was right next to me in bassinet. Second, we have a queen size bed and with the sleeper we won’t have much room left for us to sleep.

The bibs are cute but they usually come with the clothes when you buy 3 or 5 piece sets.

And toddler backrest.. Why would you need it now? When your baby will be old enough to use it, I’m sure there will be tons of backrests more interesting for him to choose from, don’t rush it 🙂

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