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Mark asks…

Any online virtual baby games for free with no download?

i have tried eccky, sims 2, nanny and babysitting mania, baby luv, baby borrowers [which i cant get pass the 9 months.], and kindergarden, but those aren’t that interesting to me. Can you give me some cool baby games where you can take care of the baby like feed and hold and change it?? Please? I have looked everywhere!!! Also, If you have one, could you give me a link?? THANK YOU!!
Also, try not giving kidish things or dress up. If the games are long, thats kinda wat im looking for.
Also, wat do i do in baby luv?

The Expert answers:

Um just go online and tipe all babby sitting games.

Ruth asks…

Can anyone tell me where I can download free baby shower games?

I’m hosting a baby shower for my church member & I cant find my baby shower book. Help!

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Charles asks…

are there any sites with printable baby shower games for free?

The Expert answers:

Go to a search engine and type in free baby shower games it should bring a bunch of sites up for you! Good luck

Lisa asks…

free virtual baby games?

My little sister is looking for some virtual baby games here are some features we would like (as long as you don’t have to download just make sure a couple are here)you get to take care and dress up your baby, you have a house or apartment,you get to make an avatar for yourself(or you can be the baby),and you can chat. Thank if you decide to answer.

The Expert answers:

Caring Games

Paul asks…

Free Virtual Baby Games?

I love babies and playing online games with babies. But as I’m only 14, I can’t adopt a child (for all you dumb***es out there!). I don’t care if I have to download it, but it has to be free! Nothing stupid like Kindergarten and Babydow or Babyvalley. And yes, I’ve played Cyberbaby or whatever it is. I’ve played a lot of them. But can any of you help me???

The Expert answers:

You can play some Free Virtual Baby Games Online here

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