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Mary asks…

my baby is 6 months old, appears to see but does not make eye contact, reach for toys or smile. What do i do?

The baby passed hearing test and we were told more farsighted than most also being treated for seizures.

The Expert answers:

My 3yo daughter has a siezure disorde (from your details yours is being treated for seizures right?) She really took a log time to focus on anything. We have had her eyes checked and she can see though really only things close to her. She honestly didnt start tracking things until she was over a year old. She does not reach for things even at 3 1/2 her favorite things are lights. Any toy that has lights she just adores and really will focus on and follow. You might try something like that. Also during therapy they use those sparkly pinwheel things and because they are that shiny coler and sparkly she really likes that as well. Some children with seizures will react to flashing lights. I was really worried at first using them with her so often. I talked to her neurologist and he said that not all kids sieze with the flashing lights and just to base what I do on her. If she likes lights and it doesnt bother her then go for it. Most other toys she couldnt care less about. But as soon as she sees those flashing lights her world is a happy place.

You might just try finding the toy that your baby really likes it make take a while to figure out what that is (for us it was almost 2 years) just keep trying.

Good luck!!

Sandra asks…

Let me reword, what kind of toys to buy a 6 month old baby?

I just want to know what kind of toys, what toys you would buy a 6 month old baby? People are saying they wont know the difference for Christmas, and I understand that, but since I dont have a lot of money, this is the one time of year I will be able to buy my daughter some toys, so what kind should I get?

The Expert answers:

My daughter will be 5 1/2 month by christmas, so almost 6 months. I plan to buy her for toys:
—Baby Einstein “Push and pull toys” I can attach to her play mat—-they have a lot of these at Target or walmart for affordable prices
—-A couple of “Pat The bunny” type children’s books—probably I’ll get them at Barnes and Noble in the children’s section. My daughter loves it when I read to her.
—some toys that squeak like rubber duckies etc.
—I’m considering getting a new mobile thing for her crib that hangs, this one I saw at Target plays music and is very decorative looking.
—-a touch toy—something that when you touch it, it lights up and makes sounds, I’m not sure which one yet, but I’m thinking of the phone one for her.

I already have one of these, but you could also buy her a colorful “stacker” those pyramid-shaped things with colorful rings on them (I think thats what theyre called)—at walgreen’s they have one that lights up when you touch them and plays music. It says 6 mons plus on it.

My dad already said he’s going to get me an exersaucer for her. Also another tip. Maybe this sounds tacky, but when ppl ask me what I want for christmas, I say something for my daughter instead lol. Like my mom asked what I wanted and I said an umbrella stroller lol.

Jenny asks…

what are the best toys for a 6 months old baby?

The Expert answers:

Rainforest Jumperoo is an excellent toy for a 6 month old. They not ony have a wonderful time, but also it is the one place you can leave them for a minute to use the bathroom and know that they are safe. Why? Because they can not get out without your help.

Richard asks…

What sort of toys are good for a 6 month old baby?

I am looking for Christmas presents for my daughter, Boots has 3 for 2 on toys but I was wondering if anyone could recommend toys they have bought for their children which have been well used, she will be 7 months at Christmas, there is so much choice, I am confused!

The Expert answers:

Stacking cups were one of the best toys my son had between about 6 to 12 months. They are such a simple and inexpensive toy but babies love them. They love to hold them and put them in their mouths at first but after a while they’re putting them inside each other, knocking down towers, building towers, banging them together. They are great bath toys too.

Other ideas – easy to grab balls. You can put them just out of reach and try to get them to move towards them as they start crawling.

Also toys which make noise, such as animal sounds, alphabet, nursery rhymes, numbers – great for introducing them to different sounds and starting to encourage speech. Baby pianos etc.

Check out the article below for more ideas.

Betty asks…

Push and Ride vs. Activity Walker for 6 month old baby toys.?

My son is just over 6 months. He has been sitting on his own for nearly two months, and pulling up to stand for 2 weeks (though wabbles and needs something to steady him. I wonder if these toys are appropriate. It says 6 months/9 months and up on the little tikes push and ride/acticity walkers. Also I am looking for some simple and inexpensive developmental toys. We have a play gym and activity jumper but he gets bored. These days he just sits down, leans forward and pushes with his legs as though to stand up – falls forward on to his face and continues to push with his legs- butt in the air pushing his face along the bed (until he gets frustrated that he can’t get far). He is so curious, I want to give him something to foster this curious nature AND let him get mobile. Any toy suggestions and comments on the mobility aids would be awesome! Thanks

The Expert answers:

The push and rides are cool, but at your sons age, they’ll move way to quickly out from under him when he tries to use it for support.

I suggest a regular old walker for him. Walkers are not dangerous as long as you’ve properly safety proofed AND have an eye on him at all times!!!
An exersaucer would be good too.

But… All he really needs to foster his curious nature is your interaction. Seriously, I had every toy under the sun for my son, but his favorite activity (that he got the most out of, I think) was playing with me & and husband.
Start reading to him now too. Won’t do anything educationally, but it’ll get him used to sitting with you while reading for later on.
Balls to chase after will aid him in wanting to crawl too 🙂

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