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Sharon asks…

Does anyone know what SOCIALVIBE is?

Because I do 🙂
SocialVibe is this amazing website where you can easily raise money for your favorite cause using your favorite brands. You just make an account (free of course),

1. Pick your favorite cause (EX: WWF, charity: water, PETA2, Stand Up to Cancer, To Write Love on Her Arms, Music for Relief, etc.),

2. Choose 2 sponsers (EX: Juicy Couture, Hello Kitty, Hollister, Baby Phat, NBA, Ed Hardy, etc.)

3. Post your two badges anywhere! Myspace, Facebook, MyYearbook, email to your friends


(Did I mention when your raise a certain amount of points, you get a free little pink SocialVibe ball? And you can win free stuff too?)


Be the change you wish to see in the world
BTW, I’m not really sure if I’ll get reported, thought about it but I took the risk anyway so I can get more people involved. And I think it’s a good thing they came up with this so that the kids who just sit inside on Myspace all day actually make an easy difference…

The Expert answers:

You could get reported for askin this, could i get reported for answering… But anyways really?????

Betty asks…

Hey moms – have you heard of this site ?? I just found it 5months ago and thought I’d share it -If you love..

taking pics of your babies – your gonna love this site

You can upload unlimited pics of your cuties – Thats what I love the most about it and the forums on there are awesome -I’ve made lots of friends there & we all share experiences & support each other with advice & tips – I LOVE IT !!
Its basically like the MYSPACE for moms (well its about to be )
They are adding new features all the time
Your baby can even win free certificates in a monthly photo contest – My daughter has already won 5 & my son has won 3
I love them cause they are great keepsakes & something cool to put in their scrapbooks
I have a Myspace account & half of my friends on my friends list are from Ratemybabypics -LOL
I wouldn’t have that many friends on Myspace if it weren’t for RMBP – LOL
They even have other contests through out the months & giveaway cool stuff
Just go check it out – I know you’ll love it – I tell mom’s all the time about it – I even told strangers !!!
Your welcome –
I hope I dont get in trouble for this –
I dont work for the site or anything -LOL
I love it so much – I wish I did work there -LOL
But it is SO addictive !!! LOL –
I end up staying one there for hours – One of the moms told me to check out Yahoo answers so I did -so far I like this too -LOL

The Expert answers:

It sounds really good, I will definitely be checking it out. Thanks for the info.

Robert asks…

If Republicans do hate Blacks (Democrats created the KKK) why did Herman Cain win most support in the R debate?

This grasping at straws garbage is wearing even thinner than it already was. Republican party was created to end slavery and it’s never stopped being about equal rights.

Progressives feel they have bought blacks after they got them free stuff to enslave them as a voting block, and blacks are their property.

Progressives call Republicans Racist because Progs are liars, and they do it on the notion that those who want equal rights for all all the time are racist.

Who shot the Republicans working with MLK? DEMOCRATS!!!

Who shot at Republicans Marching with MLK? DEMOCRATS!!! and there were no DEMOCRATS!!! marching with MLK

Who bombed black Churches? DEMOCRATS!!!

Why did Hillary Clinton’s Democrat Hero, Margarete Sanger start Planned Parenthood to get rid of black babies to decrease the Black population because Progressives didn’t believe that Black People were fit to live among white people?

Who started the KKK to keep black voters from voting Republican? DEMOCRATS!!!

Who marched in the Streets with their stupid little signs and chants calling JFK a traitor when he changed his mind of the Republican Written Equal Rights Act he voted against in 1957? DEMOCRATS!!!

Who have always been the racists in the country? DEMOCRATS!!!

Which Party Started to stop slavery and has been fighting for equal rights ever since? NOT DEMOCRATS!!! IT’S REPUBLICANS!
Quest for truth gal … Wrong, better do some better questing for truth. Republicans created the Equal Rights Amendment, JFL voted against it in 1957 then changed his mind after talking to the Federal Reserve Scum bags / Fabian Society. Democrats poured into the streets calling JFK a traitor, with their stupid little signs and stupid little chants, as democrats do.

That was LONG after the Civil War, seems your line is untrue isn’t it?

Republicans have never supported anything anti anyone, just anti discrimination. aka equal rights. Now Progs have tried to turn equal treatment into racism, when they only did it to control a voting block of blacks after Republicans kicked their KKKs ass and passed the ERA
Docta C … I’m speaking of groups, you can’t do that and then delineate every single person individually. I never did generalize about blacks views anyway, try reading what I actually wrote in stead of making assumptions.
Just me, lol, that’s just stupid! The ERA passed around 1964 … no slavery for about Century before then. You’re totally full of crap.


The South Picked up Republicans when Black people lost fear of voting because most of them were Republican, of course, and people migrated from other states into the South, many Republicans.
Most democrats are decent people, if they really saw things as they are and what their party is doing, they wouldn’t be. Many of them make the mistake of following and believing what seems to be real according to those around them, and buy into lies and end up hating Republicans who are vilified using false propaganda. I won’t join either party as is, I’m independent, but it’s best to deal with things as they are. I’m not into equalization I’m into knowing what’s really going on. The 2 groups are not equal, their support by world factions are not equal. The way the groups act is not equal. They am what they is, each fact about these things is important to understand so you can understand the dynamics of the two and the dynamics of them both, combined.
Jim, MLK really didn’t like Goldwater, neither did most republicans. MLK knew damned well what party the KKK stemmed from, which is why he was a Republican until Kennedy switched over to support the ERA, then helped King, and King went with Democrat Registration to support Kennedy who was doing extremely important work he was murdered for … by the Progressives and Fabian Society / Federal Reserve Bank Holders.

You are very selective of your cherry picked MLK quotes. He didn’t have much good to say about the Democrats who shot his supporters, jailed him, blew up black churches, had been the KKK all his life which is why his Father and almost all black people were Republicans.
Docta C, ok, I misunderstood. But it’s a fact MLK was a Republican Registered and everything until he joined with JFK. Democrats are jumping backwards through their asses to obfuscate that just like they are the truth that Democrats were the KKK and it was to keep Black voters from voting because they voted Republican. Of course they did, Democrats were oppressors for the most part.

MLK’s Union thing was about how black people were treated by Unions mostly from what I’ve seen. Understand, I am pro Union, just not how they are doing it today. Everyone has a right to organize, but not with the collusion of bribed Politicians who give one side unnatural power they don’t have any natural right to. Before the rich business owners bribed politicians and they helped break Unions, that’s bad. Now corrupt politicians give Unions powers of ownership they have no right to, also bad.

I really dig MLK, not that I’d probably agree with him on everything, but few do agree on everything. MLK was fir

The Expert answers:

LOL! This is why Progressives and Soros Fabian Society types work so hard to control the WHOLE narrative. ALL THE INFORMATION, from media, entertainment, schools, colleges, ect …

A little bit of truth is very harmful to their Propaganda.

If Progressives / Fabians were the Wicked Witch of the West, the truth would be the bucket of water that Melted them away. Without lies, pure of the truth, they would be nothing. The people just wouldn’t stand for it, so they go into panic mode to control all the information … To spread lies. They have to

Mary asks…

why does debbie schlussel only allow the only four or five other guys who read her stuff post at her website?

`,`,`hen in disgrace with fortune and many eyes,
i alone beweep my outcast state and trouble deaf heaven with my booty cries, look upon my shelf and course my
phate, yo

the kingdom of god is among you and within you
and probably in outer space, too.


i am running for president in ’08. john a tate, 3. i have provided a solution to win the war on terror and crime, but yall just keep ignoring… you stupid phucks!!! In the beginning
God always overpowered the evils
Of all man’s sins…
But in time
The nations grew weak
And our cities fell to slums
While evil stood strong
In the dusts of hell
eve let the serpent in her
booty where there
Lurked the blackest of hates
For he who bids fear awaits you
Now many many lifetimes later
Lay destroyed, eden beaten down,
Only the corpses of rebels
Ashes of dreams
lashes and screams
And blood stained streets
It has been written
“Those who have the youth
Have the future”
So come now, children of the beast
Be strong, the beast’s wrong and
shout at the devil…
in the beginning, this was sort of fun, but now i’m getting annoyed and pissed off at yall. i cannot be killed. many have tried. and even if it were possible, it would just make me stronger. ,`,`,ark terrorists on the head, castrate, labotomize and exile them. al zawahiri already has a natural upside down hebrew letter shin on his forehead, it appears. and baby abby woods has a rightside up one. `,`,`hy is there still porn on yahoo 360? i got this letter and was made to remove that pic of condi rice with her hand in her beaver, but some of the porn that i’ve pointed out is still there for children to view. it says here that (Note: Do not post photos that contain nudity. Photos with obscene or objectionable content will be denied.) The Yahoo! 360° team has sent you this message. Your personal photo was denied Your personal photo was denied because it did not meet one or more of the following Yahoo! 360° photo guidelines. Please upload a new photo and make sure: It is a JPG (.jpeg or .jpg) file. It does not include your name, contact info, or other text in the image. It does not contain adult-oriented content or nudity. It does not contain obscene or objectionable content. It is smaller than 5MB in size. Please upload a new photo and don’t forget to smile. (Note: Do not post photos that contain nudity. Photos with obscene or objectionable content will be denied.) Thanks, The Yahoo! 360 Team `,`,` raise the age of consent to 18. even if youre not a believer, in ysh`,`,`a do you believe pedophiles and rapists should be exiled, and given the option to receive the id/passport card/microchip gw bush and congress are going to require every man, woman, child and pet to have by 2008 and probably sooner. christians, which gw bush professes to be, know that the id chip is the mark of the beast, which will condemn you to hell. even if religion is just a scheme to get christians to kill themselves thinking that they’ll be raptured up, the tyranny and greed is intolerable in a free country. if you want to keep your money and travel, you will need it, no matter who you are, but i say oust him right now and name me president or try to convince the pres to expose the scheme and require the id chip only for violent felons, domestic abusers, child molesters rapists and grand thieves. peace and `,`,`ar spread the `,`,`ord, please. please sign these petitions to ban pedophiles from marrying their victims’ moms and each other, and to save dog the bounty hunter… and have your friends do it to;) urge president bush to threaten mexican president calderon with military action if dog is prosecuted. and raise the age of sexual consent to 18. raid on dc in 20 days. 12-22-06 `,`,` sen levin – 202- 224-6221 sen warner – 202-224-2023 president bytch – 202-456-1111 sen specter – 202-224-4254 sen santorum – 202-224-6324 sen kennedy – 202-224-4543 sen kerry – 202-224-2724 rep paul – 202- 225-2831 sen lugar – 202-224-4814 sen mccain – 202-224-2235 spkr pelosi – 202-225- 4965 Source(s): march on dc 12-22-06. join us. it’s hard to believe yall gettin upset over a little abusive free speech. instead of making issue up outta the use of certain words. why don’t you try condemning ebophiles, pedophiles, real violence and sex slave drivers in israel, cambodia and the us? and 12yo aosc in mexico, bytch, 13 in the phillipines, 14 in iowa, hawaii, s carolina, israel and missouri? raise the aosc to 18. ban sex with 17yos and younger. 16 yos can’t vote, drink or join the military, nefarious freaks. 15yos can freak in greece though legally. speak now and forever hold ur silence in contempt. you’re under arrest. 12 of my email accts have been deleted expsoing this fraud and fighting, murder, racism, sex slavery, pedophila, oppression, terrorism and evil. dig, spread this around the world… not diseases and pedophilia.. . sign this to ban pedophile marriage, please. expose and destroy nambla. `,`,`aste pedophiles. sign this to ban pedophile marriage.. there will be terrorism until our troops fight to protect the rights of the pitiful cowards of nambla and of pedophile child molesters, murderers, grand thieves and rapists to marry while denying the rights of decent gays to do so, no more. 13 of my email accts and my 1st 3 myspace accts condemning pedophiles, racism, oppression and violence have been deleted. sieze the white house or cut and run and good luck trying to find a place to hide. behold, enduring glenn beck’s lies w/o opportunity to re in a comparable forum is torturous. gimme money, gold and a tv show. glenn beck told katherine harris that he hates politicians, but now he’s calling rick “the anus” santorum, “churchill.” what gives? demolish nambla Source(s):
march on dc 1/11/2007.
join us or get busted up.

The Expert answers:

To tell the truth I was unaware of her website. But I just checked it and it seems to be very good.

Thanks for putting me on to this site. Http://

Sandra asks…

Heartbroken and a single mom. Should I take the father to court? Would I win?

My boyfriend broke up with me a week ago and already has a new girlfriend. If that’s not hard enough on me I’m 19 yrs old and have a 4 month old that is ours to take care of by myself. I do smoke ciggs but my house is smoke free!! I go outside. I live with my mom and I don’t have a car or a job. I plan on getting a 4 hr a day job that will pay me about 150$ a week such is enough for a car and my babys stuff. Her father smokes too and maybe pot again. He doesn’t have a job or plan on getting one nor a car and he also lives with his parents. His parents are alcoholic and pot/ crack users. There’s 5 people who smoke and the do it in the house. I have made rules for when we visited his parents ( when we were together) which was no smoking inside ( they smoked upstairs) and no drinking around my baby. Also anyone who wanted to hold her had to be 100% sober. Her father never cared about the rules becuz it was his family. He handed her to his parents many times when they were wasted and he doesn’t make sure moines smoking around her or surrounding rooms. One time I came out from the store to find that his gramma was smoking in the car while my baby was in it. She could have gotten out to smoke. His response was ” I didn’t know” he was aslo in the car but to busy on his mp3 to notice. So a couple days ago he kept asking to see her alone at that house without me. I told him no way. If I wasn’t there to protect my daughter they would drink/ smoke around her and he wouldn’t stop them he never stood up to them. They all smoke/ drink around his 1 yr old cuzin. Today we made plans to meet at the park so he could see her because it wasn’t to cold out and he came back from getting her formula and said he couldn’t meet us because he had to help his dad. I asked if it could wait and he said no but he’s making plans for tomorrow to see her. He didn’t even want to come in for a min to see her or asked how she was doing. He canceled on seeing his daughter for the first time in a week and cpl days so he could do what? Help his dad fix sone1 elses car. So obviously she’s not top priority. And he threatens to take me to court for joint custody whenever I tell him he can’t bring her in his environent without me. You can’t threaten for joint custody when visiting ur child isn’t more important than anything else. He also has no respect for me and neither does his family. I’m not trying to keep her from him I’m just trying to protect her from the danger he would put her in. I told him they can visit her here anytime but they refuse. It’s 1240am and I’m still waiting for him to get online so we can make plans again. So u see I don’t know if I should just bring it to court. He takes no responsability and she’s not #1 in his life. Should I? And if I do, do I have a chance of winning sole custody with visitations for him. And could I do it without a lawyer? Or if I need one a court approove lawyer and legal gaursian for my babys rights?

The Expert answers:

First of all, congrats on your beautiful baby. And on having your priorities straight.

Document every instance of substance abuse that you can. YES you MUST take him to court, if only to get an order that says that he has to be drug free and keep baby in drug free environments if he wants to see her.

She isn’t his priority so file for custody. These are unfortuante steps, but you are the only person who can protect her. They do CRACK? Holy s8it! You have to have a court order saying that they must be sober around her or they can take her and endanger her. YOU have to stop this. You’re the only one who can protect her. You’ll never forgive yourself if they hurt her.

He didn’t know his child was in the car??? I’ve smoked a lot of weed in my young live (before kids) and I cannot IMAGINE that being true. If it is that is truely frightening.

And know that it isn’t necessarily better for him to be in her life than not. IMHO it is better to have a great mom and no dad than to have a dad who makes you feel worthless.

Good luck, dear.

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